Wow, I’ve made it to Day 4 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge, which is about two days longer than I’ve ever managed to keep up with any other challenge. Are you proud of me yet? Come on, that’s impressive for me! Today’s prompt is: Your Favorite Childhood Memory, but it’s way to hard to pick one memory out of an entire 18 years of childhood!

Looking back, I had a pretty decent childhood. It wasn’t a cookie-cutter Leave it to Beaver life, and it did have its major downsides at times, but overall, I think I had a pretty good life back then! Most of my favorite childhood memories revolve around my grandparents. They helped raise me, and they were two of the most important and influential people in my life. A few of my favorites:

  • My grandmother used to make gorgeous cakes for people, and I always got to lick the batter. We didn’t really know much about salmonella back then, and I’m kind of grateful for that!
  • My grandfather used to travel a lot. I loved when he’d have to go to Hershey, because he’d bring me back candy! Sure, you could get the candy in stores, but it was somehow more special when he brought it back.
  •  Even though I had plenty of dolls, for some reason I loved playing with the cans that were stored in a bottom cabinet. I’d pull them all out, give them names and personalities, and basically play with them the way most kids play with action figures or Barbies! My grandmother never seemed to mind that I was making a huge mess, as long as I was using my imagination in some way.
  • As I got older, one of my favorite things to do was sit with my grandparents and listen to their different stories. My grandfather once smuggled a duck into a hotel room, then later sold it to a Merchant Marine. My grandmother was almost accused of being an international spy while on a visit to Israel. They had really great stories!

I also have a lot of really great memories with my aunts, particularly my aunt Donna and aunt Diana. They were major influences in my life too. I used to go biking or to the movies with Donna a lot. I think she is responsible for my wanderlust and desire to explore as much as possible, even if it’s just through books. Donna is also responsible for my ability to wear makeup without looking like a clown, since she taught me everything I know about that.

My aunt Diana was only 12 when I was born, and she’s always been more like a sister to me. She was the first person who knew when I shaved my legs, kissed a boy, and pretty much just about every other major transition in my life. She and my uncle David are also the reason I got to see so many places in the US before I was 18. I spent a few weeks every summer with them, and my uncle was in the Navy, so I was pretty much all over the East Coast before I even graduated high school. Those were some of the best times of my teen years!

One childhood memory that I didn’t think was so great at the time (because I was an only child until I was 5), but looking back on now, it really was one of the best, is the day my baby brother came home from the hospital. Sure, we had sibling rivalry, and I was a little disappointed because I was expecting puppies instead of a brother (long story), but my brother is one of the greatest people I know and I’m glad to have him! Here we are the day he came home. Don’t you love my hairstyle back then?


What is your favorite memory from your childhood?