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I've always loved anagrams. It's fun to take a word and turn it into something else or to see how many other words I can make from it. Back when I used to have that magical thing known as free time, I spent hours playing anagram games online. When I'd get stumped, I'd dash off to the search engine to find an anagram solver. Cheating? Not really, since I was only playing against myself. Plus, it gave me the chance to learn words that I didn't even know existed. Now that Jacob is getting older and discovering a love of words, I've found new value in anagram solvers like Anagrammar. It makes a great educational tool for enhancing my son's vocabulary!

What is Anagrammar?

Anagrammar is a really cool little tool that takes the word you give it and churns out all the possible real word combinations in about a second. The tool itself is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Ten years in internet time is like a century, so you know it has to have value to have that kind of staying power! While most people tend to think of it as a way to get ahead in games like Scrabble or Words with Friends, it's also perfect for educational websites. Check out these suggestions on how to use Anagrammar for expanding your child's vocabulary!

  • Use your child's name! Put your child's name (no spaces between the first and last name) into the widget and see how many words can be made from it. Kids will connect more with the words because it comes from their own name rather than some random string of letters.
  • Break out the dictionary and look up unfamiliar words. Once you have your list of words that can be made from your child's name, break out the dictionary and start looking up the words that your child doesn't know. Anagrammar gives you high-value words, so there are bound to be a few that even you don't know! This is a great chance to give your child some "big" words to break out in the classroom to impress his teacher.
  • Use it to make worksheets. Planning to do some anagram printouts? Get a little help from Anagrammar! Just put your word in, then jot down the list on your master sheet so you can check your child's (or student's) work.

Of course, you could still use it to help you when you're stumped in word games too! Check out the Widget Code & Live Demo , then come up with your own ideas on how to use Anagrammar. Have fun!

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