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I’ve flown in and out of Missouri a few times, but only really got to actually explore a bit once. I was amazed at how much there is to do there, especially in St. Louis! Even more amazing, there were so many FREE things to do! I feel like there is just so much I missed, since I really only had a day to explore. I would love to go back one day and take my son to really see all the great state has to offer.

Visit Missouri For Non-Stop Family Fun!

One of the absolute must-see things in St. Louis is the world-famous Arch. Even if you don’t go up into it, they have a fantastic Museum of Westward Expansion in the base that doesn’t cost a dime to walk through. It’s really interesting to see how life was during the time that the pioneers were expanding to the west!

Museum of Westward Expansion

We also took a long time visiting the St. Louis Zoo. I think what astounded me most is that this zoo is completely free to visit! I’m from the East Coast. We don’t have many free zoos here! It’s not a tiny zoo, either. I’m not sure we even managed to see everything!

St. Louis Zoo

If I had more time, I would have done so, so much more. Take a look at the many things you can do in Missouri!

Activities for a 4-Day Trip to Missouri

This itinerary is perfect for those who don’t mind traveling a bit and switching hotels. Honestly, while you can see a ton of stuff in just one location, Missouri has so much to offer that it’s worth the travel! This is defiitely a “road-trip” state!

Day 1- Spend the Day in St. Louis

Okay, so you could spend a whole lot more than one day in St. Louis and not run out of things to do, but Missouri has so much more to offer. I would love to visit the city again and see a few things I missed. For example:

  • City Museum, because where else can you find 4,000 square feet of fun, including an Enchanted Forest and a castle turret?
  • Forest Park – Although I went there for the zoo, I never had a chance to explore this site of the famous 1904 World Fair.
  • Missouri State Penitentiary Ghost tours, although I’d have to find someone to watch Jacob for this one because it would freak him out. Still, I’m fascinated by ghosts, and there are plenty of opportuntities to find them in St. Louis!

Day 2- Mark Twain Day

About 3 hours north of St. Louis, you’ll find several Mark Twain attractions that are a must see for any literary buff. I would suggest either leaving bright and early in the morning, or getting started heading that way the night before.

  • Start your day with a brisk journey through 52-degree Mark Twain cave. It’s the perfect place to cool down, especially if you’re visiting in the summer. Take good walking shoes!
  • Head up the road a little further to Mark Twain’s boyhood home. This is where all the magic began! The landmark has two interactive museums and six historic properties, so expect to spend the better part of your morning there!
  • Enjoy a late lunch at Lula Belle’s Restaurant. Just don’t tell the kids it was a working bordello up until the 1950s, unless you want to explain exactly what a bordello is!
  • Finish up the afternoon on a Mark Twain River boat tour!

Day 3 and 4- Lake of the Ozarks

Visit Missouri For Non-Stop Family Fun!

Yes, another 3-hour trip, but don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of stunning attractions and views along the way to break it up! Spend your third day in Missouri at Lake of the Ozarks. Rather than come up with a minute-by-minute itinerary, this nature paradise is best explored without a plan. Let the day take you where it takes you! Explore Ha Ha Tonka State Park or Bridal Cave on the first day, then spend the night camping under the stars! You need a relaxing day after all the traveling the last two days!

The next day is all about shopping and excitement! Hit the Osage Beach Premium Outlets, then have a delicious meal at Baxter’s Lakeside Grille before playing some lazer tag with the family at Lazer Force Lazer Tag Zone.

These are just a few ideas of all there is to do in Missouri, and I didn’t even go past the middle of the state! Whether you’re looking for family fun or grown-up time, you’ll find it when you Visit MO!


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