I received a complimentary BENDASTIX Kit in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own.

Bendastix Big Box

While I’m always excited to try out cool new toys and crafts with Jacob, every now and then we get something for review that I secretly want to whisk away to my room and claim as my own! While I would never do that (I’m a nice mommy, after all), BENDASTIX  is one of those items! When I read the description before deciding if I wanted to review them or not, I thought “those look cool!” I thought they were going to be like those waxy sticks that Jacob used to have, just with different colors. They are so completely different in such a majorly good way!

What makes BENDASTIX different?

BENDASTIX are different from what I expected in several ways. First, they are not sticky! This is awesome, because sticky stuff and pets do not mix. I have hairy dogs! While I adore them,I don’t adore having their hair stick to everything! BENDASTIX are more like a fabric-covered craft stick. They come in fun colors too! Think art deco style. They’re super easy to connect, all you have to do is wrap the pieces around each other.

What in the BENDASTIXBig Box?


Aside from loads of fun, you’ll find everything pictured above. This includes 2 People-shaped foams, foam wheels, stickers, fun foam shapes and 8 long Stix, 5 medium Stix, 6 wide Stix and 10 mini Stix. Plus, the handle of the box is actually one really big Stix!

What can you create with BENDASTIX?

You can create whatever your imagination comes up with! If you’re having a hard time getting started with ideas, check out the booklet filled with great projects. I made the really cool alien guy! I’m craft-challenged, but it was so easy to follow the directions. Plus, there really is no wrong way to do it! What do you think? Isn’t he cute?

Bendastix Alien

Jacob wanted to try out the spy glasses project in the booklet, and this is what we came up with:

Bendastix Glasses

Then Jake decided to try his hand at some funky wrist bands. He was really proud of this creation. I think it kind of looks like a snake on his wrist! Very cool!

Bendastix Bracelet

The great thing about BENDASTIX is that you can create, then dismantle and create again. They are so easy to reshape back into their original stick form. We’ve made tons of creations with them and they’re still working just as well as when we first opened the box.

If you need more inspiration on different projects you can make with BENDASTIX, check out their YouTube and Facebook pages. Come back on Wednesday for a chance to win a BENDASTIX Big Box of your own in the Christmas in July giveaway!