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Breakfast at Home Kit

When you’re living on a tight budget (which most of us are at this point!), eating breakfast at home just makes more sense than spending cash to grab something out and about. Too often in our busy lives, we end up eating on the run. Lunch at a fast-food restaurant, dinner at a more expensive family restaurant, snacks from a vending machine; all these add up quickly to big bucks. While sometimes you really just don’t have much of a choice but to grab lunch or dinner on the go, breakfast is the one time of day when we tend to have the most time. This makes it the easiest meal to eat at home and save big money.

Breakfast at Home vs Out: Comparing the Savings

Think about the amount of money that you can save by eating breakfast at home instead of out and about. You can typically grab a box of delicious cereal, like Lucky Charms (one of Jake’s favorites) on sale for less than $3. Even if you double up on the portions, you can get a good 5 bowls of cereal out of that! More, according to the back of the box but we usually eat bigger bowls. Factor in milk at $3.50 a gallon (we use 1%), and that’s about $1.30 per serving (assuming you use the whole gallon for those 5 bowls, which really, you probably won’t).  Add in your side of juice or coffee (for the grownups) and you’re still at less than $2 per serving.

Now let’s look at breakfast out. The last time I ate a fast-food breakfast, I spent $4 on a very basic, plain egg and cheese sandwich and a coffee. When I eat breakfast at a diner, I’m looking at closer to $7 for a basic meal with coffee. Saving $2-5 every morning really adds up!

We decided to take the Breakfast at Home challenge and skip eating breakfast out for an entire week. While I don’t eat out every day, I would say I averaged three times a week for breakfast out. I estimate that I saved at least $10 this week. If I did that every week, that would add up to $520 a year! Put into perspective, that would more than cover my car insurance for the year.

Enjoy breakfast at home with General Mills

We received a lovely package of goodies from General Mills through MyBlogSpark. It included a box of Honey Nut Cheerios (one of my faves), Lucky Charms, a $25 Visa Gift card, a tube of Trix lip balm and this super cute bowl. The cereal is covering the faces of some of General Mills’ most popular cereal characters.

Breakfast at Home with Lucky Charms

Jacob loves cereal. He’s an incredibly picky eater, but he does love a pretty nice variety of breakfast cereals! Most of his favorites come from General Mills. He even enjoys eating cereal as a healthy snack! Please don’t pay attention to the messy room, he was in the middle of playing when he decided he needed some Lucky Charms.

Jacob Lucky Charms


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