I received a complimentary AquaScope from Educational Insights to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.


Educational Insights has some really cool educational science tools for kids from Nancy B’s Science Club. Jacob and I had a chance to try out a few, including the super fun AquaScope. The AquaScope is a really neat way to get up close and personal with underwater life. It even comes with a journal so kids can record their findings, color in pictures of sea life and even do a little creative writing !

Features of the AquaScope

  • The telescoping underwater viewer magnifies sea life up to 5 times, so kids can get a really close look without ever getting wet!
  • Includes a built-in thermometer strip to add to the scientific fun. Kids can record the temperature of the water, then see if they notice a pattern in what lives and grows in different temperatures.
  • Obviously, the housing of the telescope is water-resistant, since it’s meant to go in the water!
  • LED lights make it easier to see in even the darkest water!

We took the AquaScope for a trial run at the lake near Sal’s house. We were up that way and his lake is prettier than mine at the moment.

Nancy B's AquaScope


Jake was so excited to try it out until we got there and he saw all the dragon flies flying around. While I love them, he’s afraid of them! I couldn’t get him within 10 feet of the lake after that, so I tested out the AquaScope myself. Jake tried it out in puddles, and used the scope to look through. I’ll take him to a river to try it out again, I think he’s more comfortable there, as there are fewer bugs than at a lake.


One really nice thing about the AquaScope is that you can get a great look at underwater life without actually getting in the water yourself. I stood from the shore and bent down to look through it. I’m relatively short, so I didn’t have to bend far! For a kid, it would require even less bending and coordination!

The journal really takes the AquaScope to a whole new level of scientific fun! Jacob loves documenting his discoveries. It’s a great way to encourage kids to learn more and explore the world around them!

Check out the YouTube video to learn more about the AquaScope!


About Nancy B’s Science Club

The Nancy B’s Science Club line of educational tools for kids includes the AquaScope, MoonScope, Binoculars, Crime Solver Scope and Microscope. Basically, everything kids need to explore the entire universe (or at least our section of it!). These tools were created by an actual science teacher.


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