I received a Touch 8 aPen to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Turn Your Windows 8 Computer into a Touch Screen Touch 8 aPen!

Did you ever wish you could get a touch screen computer, but don’t really have the money to fork out on one? Maybe you have a perfectly good laptop and don’t really see the point in rushing out for the newest technology right now! The good news is, you don’t have to actually have a touch screen computer to make use of the technology! You can turn any Windows 8 computer into a touch screen with the Touch 8 aPen, as long as your computer screen is 17″ or less.

Benefits of the Touch 8 aPen

Why would you want to do that? Well, for one thing, it makes signing documents so much easier! You can actually use your real signature instead of that fake digital one that looks nothing like the real thing! You can also play some fun games that are designed for touch screens, like Fruit Ninja. Hey, chopping fruit is pretty relaxing, especially when you don’t have to clean up a mess afterward!

If you use Internet Explorer 10 (hey, I hear it’s improved a lot!), you can use the Touch 8 aPen for browsing too. IE 10 has built-in features for touchscreens. Rather than clicking your mouse or hitting various buttons to go back, forward and zoom in and out, you can use your Touch 8 aPen!

Enjoy drawing? I’m not an artist, but there are times when I think it would be so much easier to just take a pen to the computer screen and create a cute graphic with that. Of course, a regular pen would not only scratch my screen, but it wouldn’t do me much good anyway. With Touch 8, you can actually draw what comes to mind without trying to maneuver a mouse into tricky areas. I can’t draw well with a pencil, but you should see the atrocities I commit with a mouse pointer!

Features of Touch 8 aPen

Turn Your Windows 8 Computer into a Touch Screen Touch 8 aPen!

The Touch 8 aPen comes with everything you need to get started, including the pen itself, a mini-CD to install everything, a magnetic strip and receiver, a battery and a USB cord. It even comes with a protective pouch for when you carry your aPen on the go! I forgot to include that in the picture though.

Installing the aPen is pretty easy. You just place the magnetic strip on the side of your monitor, then attach the receiver to that.

Turn Your Windows 8 Computer into a Touch Screen Touch 8 aPen!

Then you just attach the included USB cord to the receiver and into the back of your computer (or any other available USB port)I really wish I knew how to use those USB ports on the side of my monitor! After that, just use it the way you would a stylus on a tablet or other touchscreen device! It’s especially great for laptops. You can lounge on your couch, play games and surf the net without having to deal with that annoying track mouse thing. Take a look at this video to learn more about how to install and use the Touch 8 aPen.


The APEN Touch 8 is available for $79.99 at NewEgg.com


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