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Spooky Halloween Fun with My Intel AIO #IntelAIO

I have been having such a great time exploring all the features of my HP Envy Rove Intel AIO PC! While I’ve mostly been using it for work, I’m trying to carve out a little “fun” time on it too. The way I see it, I should test out all that it has to offer so I can write about it, right? I mean, you want to know all the juicy details, do you not? Therefore, my fun time counts as work! Don’t you just love it when things work out like that?

Spooky Halloween Fun with My Intel AIO #IntelAIO

Between work and life, I have thousands upon thousands of photos on my computer. I was able to easily transfer them all over to my new Intel AIO using my external hard drive and the easy transfer thingamajig that comes with Windows 7 and 8. Thank goodness I have a terabyte of space, because pictures were taking up nearly half of my old hard drive! Anyway, what I DON’T have is a great camera. I mean, I have a great point and shoot, don’t get me wrong. I love that little thing. While it’s great for day-to-day shots (and I do mean day, night is a bit tricky with them), though, it doesn’t really do a fantastic job of taking professional-quality photos.  This means I spend a ton of time in post-processing.

On my old computer, I had three different photo editing programs. I also use PicMonkey online. One of the first things I did when I unpacked my new Intel AIO is start looking for photo editing apps. I love apps. They make me giddy! I upgraded to Windows 8.1 just so I could make custom folders to sort all my apps! For fixing up photos, so far my favorite app is Fotor. I does a great job of letting you fine-tune your images.

Halloween Photo Fun with Intel AIO

Remember how we talked about me having more fun with my computer versus just using it for work? Well, I have so many pictures that I want to fix up. With my shiny, beautiful HD 20″ screen, I can really get a good look at my pictures and now I see that a lot of them could use an overhaul! Since Halloween is tomorrow, I decided to share one of my all-time favorite Halloween pictures. This is from 2010. Jacob was a Clone Trooper that year.

This is the picture I started with. I didn’t think it was that bad when we took it. Honestly, it’s not THAT bad, but it could have used a bit more contrast! It’s just a bit on the dull side!

Intel Halloween Before

This is my picture after running it through the Fotor app:

Intel Halloween After 1

I think it shows more dimension and looks more life-like now. Okay, so that’s great, but now for the fun part! I head over to PicMonkey (which runs so much better on my Intel AIO, no more lagging and dragging!) and add some fun effects! This picture really doesn’t leave a lot of room for spooky effects, but we added some horns, lightening and a spooky bat. Jacob wanted me to make him look like a zombie. He also wanted blood splatters everywhere. I told him this was a family-friendly blog and we didn’t want to scare away the readers! Plus, I couldn’t bring myself to make such a cute picture all creepy!! So I’ll turn him into a zombie in another picture to make him happy.

Intel Halloween After 2

Jacob loved helping create his horns, especially since with the touch screen, he could drag them to his head. He is all about the touch screen! He gets up early so he can have some time on my computer every morning before school. Mind you, I gave him my old one. Mine is just way cooler I guess! I’ll be taking a ton of pictures this Halloween. I’m especially excited because I get to test out Cyberlink’s MediaStory with them! I’ll share that in a post soon!