This post introducing MomFeeds is sponsored by Weight Watchers and The Motherhood. I also received a 3-month trial subscription to Weight Watchers Online. However, all opinions are my own.

Momfeeds Cover

Weight Watchers continually surprises me. They have to be the most cutting-edge, interactive lifestyle program out there (I don’t want to say “weight loss” program because I think they’re really so much more than that). They’ve always been a go-to source for amazing healthy recipes and advice on how to eat a balanced diet while still enjoying splurges. Now, they’re venturing into a whole new way to help busy moms on the go: MomFeeds.

MomFeeds is a free digital magazine featuring an amazing variety of content specially chosen for moms. It’s available on the FlipBoard app for Android and Apple devices. I personally love FlipBoard and use it every day on my tablet. You can also read your FlipBoard subscriptions on your computer once you have an account. Once you download the app, just subscribe to MomFeeds from inside the app. Or, if you prefer, visit Weight Watchers MomFeeds to subscribe. Still need a bit of help (hey, I was once brand new to downloading apps, there is no shame in it!)? Check out this video tutorial to get you started.


What you’ll find in MomFeeds

I took some time to explore the debut issue of MomFeeds and was pleased to see such an interesting variety of topics covered. Sure, there were  healthy yet delicious recipes that I expected from Weight Watchers, but there was also so much more! Articles on the latest beauty trends, new moms’ tips for traveling with kids and inspirational articles about how moms are superheroes are just a few great topics you can expect to see in Weight Watchers MomFeeds.

Weight Watchers MomFeeds

My favorite thing about MomFeeds is that I can check out the different articles at a quick glance and choose to read only those that most appeal to me. Yes, you can do this with a traditional magazine too, but when you’re pressed for time, MomFeeds is much faster than thumbing through a magazine trying to get the gist of each article. With FlipBoard, it’s as easy as swiping your finger across the screen. This is important to me because I read news and magazines fast. I have to for my job!

I’m constantly looking for inspiration for articles and trying to stay on top of hot news. Between writing for my own site (the one you’re reading right now!) and being editor-in-chief for the OurFamilyWorld empire (including OurFamilyWorld, My Kids Guide and OurFamilyWorld Bags), I need to be able to fly through news quickly. I not only need to know what you want to know now, I need to be able to predict what you’ll care about in a month from now! Reading other magazines in our demographics is vital to surviving in a crazy competitive online world, so it’s actually a large part of my job!

Of course, I don’t read just for my job. I also do it for fun! I’m pretty much addicted to reading. I’ve always loved magazines, especially parenting and “mom” magazines. Even when I was a teenager, I flocked to the magazines filled with homemaking tips. Mind you, I don’t actually like cleaning and I can’t cook worth squat, but I REALLY love reading about how other people make it work! MomFeeds offers up bite-sized pieces of everything you could need to know. It’s like having a dozen magazines right at your fingertips, but without the massive towering pile on your counter!

Head over to your FlipBoard app and check out MomFeeds now. Remember, it’s totally free!

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