Anyone remember Snowmageddon 2010? I thought it was a stupid name for it back then, but with all the hype over this week’s storms, it kind of fits now! First of all, where the heck did yesterday’s snow storm come from? The first person that says “the sky” is getting hit. Just saying.

Snowmageddon 2014


I checked the weather on Saturday. It was supposed to be a lovely day yesterday. I was planning to go get the guinea pigs their pellets and grab some other stuff I procrastinated on over the weekend. Every morning, I look out the window before waking up my son. Just in case it unexpectedly snowed. Well, guess what? It UNEXPECTEDLY SNOWED! A lot! I live in the Poconos, by the way, an area that is pretty used to snow.

Snowmageddon Part Deux?


Apparently Mother Nature decided that if Robo-Cop, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Spider-Man could all have reboots, she could too. She’s making another go at her Snowmageddon in what I can only imagine is some sort of bizarre ploy for ratings on the Weather Channel. Speaking of, it’s on in the background in the living room and they keep talking about Orion and something with an “N.” Nica? Nina? Nita? At least it’s not Nicole, then people would blame me. My boyfriend’s daughter is named Raina. Whenever it rains, people say “hey Raina, why’d you make it rain.” Original, right? If she ever hauls off and hits someone for it, it’ll be totally justified.

Back to Snowmageddon Redux. Yes, I can’t settle on a name for it. So basically we had a lovely surprise (to me anyway, I SWEAR I checked the weather recently!) snowstorm today, one coming on Wednesday and either flurries or the mother of all storms coming on Sunday into Monday. You know what this means? The grocery stores are going to be crowded tomorrow, full of people buying up all the bread and water. Because, you know, snow doesn’t melt into a liquid and apparently we’re all prepping to be prisoners. I plan to buy up all the chocolate, because as heavy as the snow was today, I’m pretty sure I burned off enough calories to last me a month while shoveling.

Snowmageddon 2014

That garbage can is STILL sitting down there because I was too lazy to drag it up after shoveling all this.

Honestly, I don’t care if it snows 50 feet and we’re trapped in the house for a month, as long as I have power. I have sleds and dogs, I’m sure I’ll figure a way out if we are stuck. I’ll go all Ma Ingalls and strap on my imaginary snow shoes or something.  But after going 8 days without power during Hurricane Sandy, I get completely freaked out every time the wind so much as blows these days. I’m  traumatized for life from that. Ask Olfa over at OurFamilyWorld, where I’m the editor and one of the writers. If they even hint that we may have a storm, I email her to let her know I could lose power.

All joking aside, those of you in the path of all these freaking snow storms, stay safe, stay warm and stock up on chocolate.