This post is brought to you by Seventh Generation in cooperation with Mom Bloggers for Social Good to raise awareness about becoming a Toxin Fighter. All opinions are my own.

Stand Up For the Future by Standing Up for Safer Chemicals

Want to hear a scary story? My mom used to run through pesticide fog when she was a kid. The truck would come spray the chemical and all the neighborhood kids called it “Smokey.” They’d dance in the fog! Seriously! I am completely convinced that my mother’s exposure to these chemicals somehow affected my ability to conceive. Back then, they really didn’t know much about the effect of toxic chemicals. While I feel that someone, somewhere should have had the common sense to tell these kids that running through pesticide fog wasn’t a good idea, I really can’t blame a generation who was just utterly clueless. 

Sometimes it seems like we’re just as clueless today. I’ll admit, I really never gave much thought to potential toxins in my home. I assumed that everything from my cleaning supplies to the containers that held my food had to be safe. I mean, surely there is an agency out there making sure that we are not being exposed to dangerous chemicals in our own home, right?

Yes, I was naive. It wasn’t until I started reading blogs and became a blogger myself that I really understood just how many nasty chemicals we’re exposed to in our every day lives, and just how little any of the government agencies are doing about it. I feel like I’ve finally had my eyes opened, and now I want to make sure I do my part to keep future generations safe from toxic chemicals.

Stand up for Safer Chemicals

Stand Up For the Future by Standing Up for Safer Chemicals

Did you know that there is an act called the Toxic Substances Control Act? It sounds like it would be a great thing, right? Clearly someone is looking out for us and keeping toxins out of our homes, right? Sadly, the Act is terribly vague and terribly outdated. Take a look at some startling facts about the current Toxic Substances Control Act:

  • Since its passing 30 years ago, only 200 of the 62,000 chemicals in products on the market have been required to undergo testing.
  • Of those 200, only 5 are even partially regulated.
  • These untested, unregulated chemicals are found in more than just household cleaners. They’re found in toys, furniture, clothing and even the containers that hold our food and beverages!
  • Exposure to these chemicals while in the womb or during early childhood can lead to all sorts of potential problems, including reproductive issues. Told you my mom running through pesticide fog couldn’t have been good for my fertility!

Petition Congress to Update the Toxic Substances Control Act

Join Seventh Generation in their efforts to collect 100,000 signatures and petition congress to update the Toxic Substances Control Act. It literally takes just a minute of your time. All you have to do is fill in your name, email address and state. That’s it. One minute to add your voice and stand up for safer chemicals.

Click here to sign the petition for safer chemicals

 Look, I’m not claiming to be perfect. I still have some cleaners under my sink that probably contain nasty chemicals. I’m trying my hardest to transition over to more natural products, like Seventh Generation. I’m getting there. I think if we all at least promise to try to eliminate chemicals from our lives, we’ll be on the road to creating a much safer future for our children.

Will you sign the petition to ask congress to update the archaic Toxic Substances Control Act?