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While laundry will never be my favorite chore, there is something wonderful about pulling that warm, fresh load out of the dryer. Nothing ruins that one good thing about laundry faster than opening the dryer to find clothes and blankets that still smell like they did when you first put them in. With three dogs, three cats and a son (I’ll let you guess which is the messiest), my linens in particular get pretty stinky pretty fast.

My dogs would be completely offended if you even thought about asking them to sleep on the floor. They feel they belong in the bed with us. After all, they’re part of the family. Family doesn’t sleep on floors! See this big guy?


Well, he’s the stinkiest of them all! He knows I’m writing about him, he just got up and huffed as I finished that sentence. Cooper is…we don’t know what he is. We rescued him and think he’s a border collie mixed with maybe lab, perhaps hound dog, who knows. He’s a Cooper. His fur is oilier than my other dogs, which means he smells more like a dog than they do.

Right after I bought a set of brand new sheets (my first new set in two years!), it poured buckets outside. Not only did Cooper and his sister-dogs track mud all through my house, but then Cooper decided to take a nap with me! On my new sheets! With his smelly wet dog fur.

I clearly can’t have nice things, right?

Well, thanks to Tide Simply Clean & Fresh, I can have nice things! The brand new laundry detergent from a company I’ve trusted for years now offers a fantastic solution to your stinkiest laundry issues. Best of all, it’s affordable.

Tide Simply Clean & Fresh

Tide Simply Clean and Fresh

Tide Simply Clean & Fresh offers 2 times the cleaning and odor-fighting properties of laundry detergents with baking soda. It is formulated to reach deep down into your fibers, where the odors lurk. Rather than just covering up those odors, Tide Simply Clean & Fresh actually removes the particles that cause them. Of course, since it’s Tide, it also offers superior cleaning power!

The brand new laundry detergent comes in two delightful fragrances: Refreshing Breeze and Daybreak Fresh. I tried out the Refreshing Breeze and it definitely fits its name. I love that it leaves behind a light scent. To me, that lets me know that it’s standing by its promise to remove odors rather than mask them with over-powering scents.

Tide Simply Clean & Fresh is designed to work with HE machines, so you don’t have to worry about it being compatible with your machine. I was very pleased with how Tide Simply Clean & Fresh completely removed the wet dog odor from my sheets the first time. Plus, it did a fantastic job of getting rid of the dirt too!

With a plethora of animals and an active child, I am really happy to have a laundry detergent that can stand up to odors.

What is your biggest odor challenge when it comes to your laundry?