I received complimentary Uniquely Greek Feta spreads in exchange for an honest review.

Uniquely Greek Spread

Sometime last year, while my foodie brother was visiting, I discovered that I really like feta cheese. Before that, I think I’d had it on pizza in Japan once or twice (I know they used some type of goat cheese at Pizza Curry, our favorite pizza place off base). Other than that, I never really consciously tried it. When my brother was visiting, he made watermelon with feta cheese. I was afraid to try it at first, but my brother- a very good lawyer- is quite persuasive.

After I realized how delicious feta cheese is on watermelon, I started looking for other ways to enjoy it. When I received a package of Uniquely Greek Feta Cheese to try out, the first thing I thought of was putting it on bread. It couldn’t be just any bread though. I dug through my refrigerator and realized that I had a loaf of that take and bake sourdough bread. The combination was delicious!

Uniquely Greek Feta Cheese Spreads: A Uniquely Rich Experience

Uniquely Greek Spread 2

I tried out the Roasted Red Pepper Uniquely Greek Feta Cheese Spread on one slice of bread and the Spicy Buffalo variety on another. The Spicy Buffalo is definitely my favorite! It has a great kick to it, but the feta cheese helps cut down on the burn factor. The Roasted Red Pepper was also delicious, not quite as spicy as the Buffalo, but still a good bit of zingy spice. It’s also a great substitute when you want to turn up the heat in recipes that call for mayo or cream cheese.

Uniquely Greek Feta Cheese Spreads also come in Spinach and Kalamata Olive flavors. I’m not a big spinach person, and unfortunately my Kalamata sample got a bit banged up in transit (not the company’s fault). The two flavors I tried have such an amazing texture. While feta is known for its crumbly nature, the combination of the spices and cream cheese help make it easy to spread without destroying the earthy signature feta flavor.

About Uniquely Greek Feta Cheese Spreads

Uniquely Greek Feta Cheese Spreads were born out of a very simple idea: to create a delicious spread that was easy to use and made from all-natural ingredients. After all, food should be natural, right? Jessica Gill, owner of Grecian Delights in Boothwyn, PA, created the spread to compliment her Greek dishes. Soon, her spinach spread caught on like crazy to the point where customers were practically begging to buy containers of it. Jessica and her brother teamed up to create Uniquely Greek to deliver her delicious spreads to the world. Whole Foods picked up the line and things just took off from there!

Now, you can find Uniquely Greek nationwide in Whole Foods as well as other health food stores. Check out Uniquely Greek online for more information about where to buy as well as some delicious recipes. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to keep up with news and discover more recipes.

Which Uniquely Greek flavor do you think you would enjoy the most?