2023 update: this product no longer exists. Too bad, because I wrote this review nearly 10 years ago and it’s STILL in good shape. If you ever see one at a yard sale, grab it!

Feed Safe

Do you have a combination of small pets and bigger ones? How about an indoor/outdoor cat? Do you ever have problems keeping your small pet’s food safe? We do! We have three dogs and three cats. Now, when we just had the two girl dogs, we never, ever had to tell them to stay out of the cat food. They just did. Then we got Cooper. You’ve seen him here before, but in case you don’t remember, here he is:


Don’t let that docile little face fool you, he’s far from innocent. He is a total cat food thief! Actually, he’s an any kind of food thief, but with the cat food, if we didn’t take action my poor kitties would starve! Usually we feed two of our cats in the laundry room with a baby gate up across the entrance. My third cat, Willow, is a different story. She refuses to eat with the other two. She also prefers to spend most of her time out on the deck when it’s nice outside. Cooper loves to go out there and raid her food!

Keep your small pet’s food safe with Feed Safe!

Feed Safe is a fantastic answer to my issues with Cooper and the cats’ food. It’s like a little igloo that lets your small pets in but keeps big, thieving snouts out! I set it up on my deck to protect Willow’s food. My older cat, Mally, saw it and decided she wanted to investigate too! Now, typically the lid is on, but it was easier to take pictures with it off, that way you can actually see my cats in it.

Keep Your Small Pet's Food Safe with Feed Safe

That door in the picture is actually the back door, or as we call it, the escape hatch. It’s on springs or something else magical like that, so when your cat comes out, it pops back into place. Around the other side, there is another entrance. Willow came along to see what Mally was doing in her food house:

Feed Safe 3

She poked her head in the main door. She didn’t seem too pleased to find Mal in there. Mal is nearly twice her age and doesn’t back down to Willow’s antics, so when Willow hissed, Mal just gave her a dirty look and walked away.

Features of the Feed Safe

The Feed Safe Dome has a wide base and low center of gravity so your dog can’t tip it over. Cooper is notorious for tipping things- like garbage cans- to get to food. It also features:

  • 2 stainless steel feeding bowls
  • Non-Marking rubber feet to keep it from scuffing your floors
  • An easy-access lid that twists on and off, so you can put the bowls in and clean the dome without a hassle
  • 2-year limited warranty to cover manufacturer defects or issues with function

Take a look at the video to see Feed Safe in action:

You can also use the Feed Safe dome as a cozy little house for your cats. Willow goes into it when it’s raining outside. Sometimes she still wants to sit out there, just not in the rain itself. It definitely does its job of keeping Cooper out of the cat food!

How do you keep your big pets from devouring your small pet’s food?