I received a complimentary NatureBox in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
Celebrate National Trail Mix Day with NatureBox Goodies!

Did you know that August 31st is National Trail Mix Day? While I may not be planning any cross-country trail treks, I do still love the variety in a good mix! I also love the chance to try something completely new, something a bit unexpected! When I can also add something all-natural into the “mix” it’s even better! NatureBox gives me the chance to do all of the above: sample delicious new snacks that I never even knew existed, get plenty of great variety AND enjoy natural goodies!

NatureBox: All-Natural Goodness Delivered Right to Your Door

NatureBox delivers amazingly delicious natural goodies right to your door every month. It’s not like other subscription services though. There are a few things that make it really stand out in my opinion.

  • Full-size snacking goodness: These aren’t itty bitty little samples, people, they’re FULL SIZE bags of delicious snack treats. Each bag contains 2-5 servings. In my delicious mix of samples, each bag lasted me several nights of snacking!
  • Choose your own or be surprised: When you purchase your NatureBox, you have two options: choose your own snacks or let them surprise you. Considering I’m a bit picky, I love the option of picking my own stuff!
  • Your purchase helps the hungry! For every NatureBox purchased, they donate a meal to the hungry through Feeding America. So while you’re enjoying your snack, another American is getting a hearty, much-needed meal!

Celebrate National Trail Mix Day with NatureBox Goodies!

I received 5 bags of delicious goodness in my NatureBox, including:

  • Umami Roasted Nuts
  • Taj Mahal Snack Mix
  • Pumpkin Cranberry Crave
  • Sesame Noodle Crunch
  • Harvest Mix

My absolute favorite was the Harvest Mix. It was full of nuts, seeds and crunchy corn nuts. In fact, I ate it so fast, I completely forgot to save the bag for a closeup picture! My second favorite was the Umami Roasted Nuts. Did you know that Umami is one of the tastes that our taste buds register? It most closely translates to savory, and boy are these nuts savory! I loved them because they were simple, relying mostly on the nuts’ own natural flavor, with just a hint of Tamari.

The Pumpkin Cranberry Crave was my mom’s favorite. I got a bit of it, then let her have the rest since she’s not much for spicy stuff. Look at all those beautiful flavors mingling together! As far as National Trail Mix Day goes, this would be my top pick for celebrating!

Celebrate National Trail Mix Day with NatureBox Goodies!

I loved everything in my NatureBox so much that I’m definitely going back for more! Want to discover all this natural goodness for yourself? Visit NatureBox.com to learn how to sign up! You can do one month at a time or subscribe regularly. You can also choose add-ons for your box, or just grab the snacks that appeal most to you.

Which NatureBox snack would you most love to try out?