Creative Ways to Tame Your Junk Drawer


We all have at least one junk drawer that serves as a catch-all for things that really don’t belong anywhere else. Sooner or later, however, items get so mixed up and messy that we can never find what we’re looking for. Don’t just accept the disorganization. Take the junk out of the junk drawer with these easy, affordable and creative storage ideas!

Teacups and Saucers

Creative Ways to Tame Your Junk Drawer

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Teacups and saucers aren’t just for afternoon tea – they’re perfect storage solutions. Not only do they fit inside your drawers, they’re the right size for small items and they look pretty to boot. Attach double-sided tape or small pieces of Velcro to the bottom of each cup or saucer to keep them in place and prevent them from sliding whenever you open or close the drawer. Use them to store paperclips, jewelry, stamps or other small, easy-to-lose objects.

Empty Tissue Box


Don’t throw out that tissue box after allergy season. Empty tissue boxes are a perfect fit for drawers: short enough to fit inside and wide enough to store larger items. They work well for plastic grocery bags – you can just pull one out whenever you need it. You can also use them to hold rags and cleaning wipes, as well as spare batteries and pen lights for easy access if the power goes out. Cover the box in wrapping paper to give it some style.

Ice Cube Trays


Chipped, leaking and past-their-prime ice cube trays are another simple and affordable solution for your junk drawer. The individual molds are great for small items such as push pins and loose change. If you have a junk drawer in your garage, use an ice cube tray to keep nails, steel rings and chain links all in one place.

Medicine Bottles


Once you’ve emptied out your vitamins and medicine bottles, don’t toss them in the recycle bin. Carefully peel off the labels, then spruce them up with scrapbook paper or paint. Then you can use them to organize rubber bands, pencil lead or bandages. Place the bottles in a box or secure the bottoms with double-sided tape to keep them from rolling around the drawer.

Toilet Paper Rolls


The dreaded tangled mass of cords and wires is everyone’s worst junk drawer nightmare. Prevent this problem by using the cardboard rolls from toilet paper or paper towels. Simply fold your cords as you normally would, and then push them inside the roll to keep them in place. It’s easy and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Add a bit of color to the rolls by covering them with washi tape or scrapbook paper. You can also encourage the kids to decorate them with paint. Don’t forget to label them using permanent markers for convenience.

Plastic Food Containers


Plastic food containers keep bigger items neat and orderly. Chargers, notepads and pens can easily fit in most containers, and the clear plastic lets you quickly see what’s inside. You can also label them with stickers or masking tape.

Once you’ve tamed your junk drawer, make it a habit to put items back in their respective storage containers. Believe me – two minutes of your time will go a long way!

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