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Target Pharmacy: A Rewarding Shopping Experience #TargetSponsored

Target Pharmacy: A Rewarding Shopping Experience #TargetSponsored

Remember a couple of months ago, I shared all the great benefits of using the Target Pharmacy for your prescription needs? Along with incredible customer service and ease of transferring scripts, my favorite perk is definitely the Target Pharmacy Rewards program! So today, let’s talk a bit more about that!

Get Rewarded for Shopping Target Pharmacy

The Target Pharmacy Rewards program is pretty straight-forward: fill 5 prescriptions, get a 5% off shopping day! That’s it! No points to keep track of, no cards to hold onto. Just fill, then save. The cool part? Even Vaccinations count! What does this mean? Basically, a family of five could get flu shots if they are under the same account for the season and earn a 5% off shopping day right off the bat!

For me, earning those rewards is easy. I have chronic back issues and carpal tunnel. I take prescription-strength ibuprofen, muscle relaxers and a couple other medications to help when it gets really bad. So just on my own, I can theoretically earn a 5% off shopping day every single month. While I’d much rather NOT have to deal with a life of pain, at least that helps take the sting out of it!

That 5% off comes in super handy during the back-to-school shopping season! Jacob’s school is going with a strict dress code this year. I’m not happy at all, as I think I’ve mentioned ad nauseum. The clothes he’s required to wear are not clothes he would regularly wear, which means he needs an entire new wardrobe for school. Combined with all the great sales they have going on, I was able to save a good chunk of money!

Other great ways to use that 5% off include:

  • Finally getting that big screen TV you’ve been dreaming of! If the TV costs $500 regularly, you’ll save $25!
  • Doing bulk grocery food shopping! If you have the freezer space, you could shop once a month for the majority of your groceries using that 5% off shopping day.
  • Holiday shopping! The season is almost upon us, time to start filling that gift closet!

Flip the Script and start getting rewarded!

Target Pharmacy: A Rewarding Shopping Experience #TargetSponsored

Ready to start taking advantage of Target Pharmacy Rewards? If you have scripts at other pharmacies, Target makes it super easy to Flip the Script . In fact, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Find your local Target Pharmacy
  2. Fill in your script info
  3. Review your script transfer info

It doesn’t get much easier than that, right? So go ahead, Flip the Script and start earning those rewards!

Other perks of the Target Pharmacy

In case you missed my first post, here’s a brief summary of my other favorite perks:

  • Free Flavorings: Perfect for giving medicine to kids…or for your own liquid meds.
  • PetRX: Target covers your ENTIRE family, including the furrier members!
  • $4 Generics!
  • Text Message Alerts when your script is ready


$50 Target Gift Card Giveaway

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