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My son is an incredibly picky eater, but when it comes to cheese, he takes after his Mama! I think we both were mice in a former life or something. Jacob is also a grazer. He’s not one to sit and eat a big meal, so I try to make sure his snacks are healthy. With back to school season here, it’s even more important to make sure he’s getting plenty of healthy snacks so he can beat the afternoon slump.

Easy & Delicious After School Snacks with Arla Dofino

One of Jake’s favorite snacks is what he calls his “finger foods plate.” Basically, I fill a plate with good-for-you snacks, like black olives (he could eat a can of those a day if I let him!), carrots, fruit and cheese. It has a little of everything he likes and actually adds up to a pretty balanced meal or snack. We thought it would be fun to create a finger foods “monster” plate for this post! Check it out!

Finger Foods Monster Plate with Arla Dofino Cheese

Easy & Delicious After School Snacks with Arla Dofino


  • Arla Dofino Havarti Cheese, cut into triangles for the teeth
  • Grapes to form the head
  • Black olives for the eyes
  • Carrots for the horns
  • Triangle wheat cracker for the nose


Easy & Delicious After School Snacks with Arla Dofino

Lay out all the ingredients and let your kids arrange it into a face. You can switch up the ingredients too. If your child doesn’t like olives, for example, use grapes for the eyes and maybe apple slices to make the head. Celery can make good horns too!

Easy & Delicious After School Snacks with Arla Dofino

Jacob really liked the Arla Dofino Havarti. It’s a creamy cheese with a slightly buttery flavor. I’d call it a mild cheese, not overpowering. It goes great with all of Jake’s favorite fruits and veggies.

Arla Dofino Makes Cheeses for Every Taste

Whether you prefer your cheese mild and creamy or rich and nutty, Arla Dofino has something that will help you make the perfect after-school snack. Check out their infographic to learn more about their cheeses!

Arla Dofino Cheese 101 Infographic copy

Which one is your favorite? While I went with the Havarti for Jacob because of its mild, creamy flavor, I also really love the nutty goodness of the Edam cheese. Of course, you can also never go wrong with Gouda, now can you? Muenster is my favorite for sandwiches. You know what I think would be really amazing? Mixing all four into a baked Mac and Cheese dish! I’m definitely going to try that! Check out the Arla Dofino store locator to see where you can buy their delicious cheeses!

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Enter the Snack-to-School Sweepstakes for a chance to win a semester’s worth of delicious Arla Dofino cheese! The Sweepstakes runs until Oct 4th, so hurry and enter! To enter, like Dofino cheese on Facebook to fill out the sweepstakes entry form: http://bit.ly/1tMF90g

Visit the Arla Dofino Website to learn more about their naturally good cheeses! Follow them on Facebook  to keep up with news. Check them out on Pinterest to get inspired!

What healthy after-school snack would you make with Arla Dofino?