Ever notice how celebrities look airbrushed, even in real life? Their makeup is always so perfect, it looks like it was applied with angel’s wings or something. Well, what would you say if I told you that you didn’t need to hunt down and pull the wings off an angel to get that look? That you could get a perfect, airbrushed makeup look right in your own bathroom? If you’re like me, you’d say “no way, really?”

Flawless Airbrush Makeup Made Possible by Dinair

Get the Airbrushed Look at Home with Dinair!

Dinair is a super cool airbrush makeup kit that lets you get the celeb look in your own home. In fact, it’s the system that is actually used by many television and film makeup artists! I received a complimentary kit to try out. Although it took some practice, once I learned how to use it, I was thrilled with the results.

What is Dinair Airbrush Makeup?

See that little machine up there with the silver tool? It may look small, but it’s incredibly powerful. The blue machine (it comes in other colors) is actually a Power Compressor. It fits in the palm of your hand, yet uses some sort of engineering magic to power the airbrush. I don’t know the mechanics behind it. I never really understand how things work, I just know when they do.

Get the Airbrushed Look at Home with Dinair!

The silver part is your actual airbrush. The makeup goes in that little cup-looking chamber. Turn the machine on to your desired setting, pull back on the lever and it delivers makeup flawlessly to your face.

Okay, so it’s a bit more involved than that. I took me a lot of practice to get it right, mostly because I completely lack hand/eye coordination. Thankfully, Dinair comes with an instructional DVD and cool practice sheets. It even comes with a practice makeup vial so you don’t have to waste your good stuff. Once you get the hang of it, though, it only takes minutes to get ready for the day.

Get the Airbrushed Look at Home with Dinair!

The learning curve really depends on you. While it took me a good amount of practice, I could probably hand it to my boyfriend’s daughter without instructions and she’d be a master in moments. She’s just that talented. Hopefully soon I can get her to try it out and see what she comes up with! In the meantime, I’m happy to get my subtle daytime look!

What exactly can you do with Dinair?

With just a little practice, you can create a flawless foundation to even out your skin and hide any little imperfections. That’s actually the easiest part, because you don’t need an incredibly steady hand for it. It’s the first thing I mastered. When you buy your Dinair kit, you choose your shade range. If you’re not sure of the right range for you, they’ll even help you! I’m fair-skinned, so I went with that set.

Get the Airbrushed Look at Home with Dinair!

You receive four foundation colors in your range. This makes it easy to blend together just the right shade for your skin. You also get other shades to create blush, eyeshadow and even eyeliner and brow color! The eyeliner is the hardest part for me. I’m not sure I quite got it right yet.

Along with the compressor, air brush and a selection of makeup, your kit also comes with everything you need to maintain and care for your Dinair. As I mentioned before, it also comes with a DVD to help you learn how to use it. If you still need help (like I did), there are a ton of great instructional video lessons on the Dinair website. Courses include everything from setting up your airbrush makeup kit to mastering perfect brows.

Dinair also has stellar customer service. They’re always ready to help you choose the best kit for your needs and learn how to use it properly. They’ve been in business since 1981, so they have the talent and expertise to make sure you enjoy your airbrush makeup experience. Check out Dinair at airbrushmakeup.com.  You’ll notice tabs on the right-hand side of the screen. Browse through those, because a couple give you a chance to win makeup!

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