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My Wish For Others: Bring Our Troops Home for the Holidays

Last week, Jacob shared his #WishForOthers: for all the homeless animals to find their “furever” families for the holidays. This week, I want to share my wish (in addition to Jacob’s wish, because I’m passionate about that as well). If you’re a regular reader, you know that I come from a huge military family. I’m an ex-Navy wife, Navy niece, Navy cousin and Navy granddaughter. I’m also a Marine cousin (my darling cousin David decided to break tradition and go his own way, although we joke that the Marines are still technically part of the Navy!). Supporting the troops is incredibly important to me. They give up so much to keep our country safe, including precious time away from their families.

When my ex was serving, he spent every Christmas until we got married far away from his family. He was in Alaska, Diego Garcia and Japan. When we got married, I lived in Japan with him, so we both spend the holidays away from the rest of our family. At least we were together, but we were still far from the rest of our loved ones. The thing is, he had the leave time to come home, just not the money for the flight. Sadly, that’s the case with many of our military members. They’ve earned the time yet finances keep them away.

Right now, there are thousands of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines stuck in countries far from home. Some in harms way, others in relatively comfortable settings but lonely nevertheless. Whether they’re fighting on the front lines or serving in supportive roles on bases around the world, being away from home during the holidays is always hard. I know it’s not logistically possible to bring every member of the military home for the holidays, but I do wish that those who have the option of coming home (leave time) are given some help financially to make it happen. For those who just can’t come home (I realize it’s not feasible to pull everyone out for leave over the holidays), I just really want you all to know that I am thinking of you and wishing for your continued safety.

For those of you on the “homefront” who want to do something special for our service members, your local veterans groups can help you get started. Contact the VA, VFW and American Legion for ideas on what is needed in your area. One fantastic way to help out: sending goodie boxes overseas with home comforts, like holiday candy! Baked goods are iffy, they don’t always make it before they go bad.

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