Ready? Repeat after me: “I will not succumb to the hype of any more fad diets. Instead, I pledge to try to change my overall eating habits to include more wholesome foods and enjoy a normal, balanced diet.” Doesn’t that feel good? Oh, and by “normal, balanced diet,” I mean one that factors in our evolution as a human species, not one designed for our ancestors that lived so long ago, they actually used their appendix for important things! You know what I’m talking about, don’t play coy!

Go Fad-Free in 2015 with the Great Grains Pledge to stop fad diets

Today I’m sharing the Great Grains Fad-Free Pledge. I received some delicious granola treats from Post Great Grains to try out and I will share my thoughts on them with you (bottom line= yummy), but the bulk of this post is about going fad-free in 2015.

Say Goodbye to Fad Diets with the Great Grain Fad-Free Pledge

First, let me tell you WHY I’m going fad-free. Over the years, you’ve seen me review more than my share of special diets, weight-loss supplements and restrictive shakes. While I really enjoyed working with those companies and think that they each have their place for certain types of people over short periods of time, I came to the conclusion that fad diets don’t work for me.

I also came to the decision that fad diets may be great for those times when you really need a boost to lose those last few pounds for a major event, they’re not realistic for long-term success. Brand-specific fad diets are expensive. Diets that eliminate entire food groups can be dangerous. Diets that insist we eat like people who lived a million years ago and communicated in a series of grunts? Don’t even get me going on that one! So I headed over to the Post Great Grains Fad-Free page and signed my digital name to the pledge.

Go Fad-Free in 2015 with the Great Grains Pledge to stop fad diets

Do you notice that  beautiful paragraph: For every pledge taken, Post Great Grains will donate $3 to, an organization dedicated to bringing more fresh fruits and wholesome veggies to food pantries across the nation. I LOVE this. As someone who had to use a food pantry in the past, I am a big supporter of companies who go the extra mile to help get nutritious food in the homes of those who are struggling financially. There are just too many hungry people in America right now.

Instead of trying this trend or that, I am pledging to just try to eat healthier in general. It’s hard when you’re as picky as I am, but I’m trying. My biggest problem is snacking. Which brings me to Post Great Grains Granolas and The Bar Undone Snack Mixes.

Go Fad-Free in 2015 with the Great Grains Pledge to stop fad diets

 Seriously Good Snacking without the Fads

Oh my gods, let me tell you, I am completely addicted to the Dark Chocolate Nut Granola Snack Mix from The Bar Undone line. It’s filled with little dark chocolate pieces, granola clusters, nut and seeds. They’re not skimpy either, they really pack in the goodness. One bag lasts me ten minutes of snacking during TV time. Plus, it leaves you feeling totally satisfied.

Go Fad-Free in 2015 with the Great Grains Pledge to stop fad diets

The Granola (pictured above: Super Nutty granola) is perfect for sprinkling on yogurt mixed with your favorite berries. I rarely eat plain old yogurt, even if it’s an awesome flavor. It’s a texture thing for me. I need something mixed in to give it a combination of smooth and crunchy. I love the Super Nutty Granola because it’s full of hearty clusters. This isn’t your average granola, which is great because I’m not your average girl!