Do you ever feel like Goldilocks when it comes to finding the right sheets for your bed? They’re either too scratchy but inexpensive or super soft but way out of my budget. They either pop up off the bed when I toss and turn or make me feel like I’m moving across sandpaper. I really just don’t have good luck with sheets. Until PeachSkinSheets gave me a set to try out!

PeachSkinSheets are so soft and comfy, sleeping on them is like caressing a unicorn. Check out the benefits of the last pair of sheets you'll ever buy!

PeachSkinSheets: What Makes them so special?

Aside from the super cool name, just what makes PeachSkinSheets different than, say, the 20 other sets of sheets that are currently sitting in my “eh, I don’t really care enough about these to wash them any time soon” hamper? (You know you have one of those, the stuff you save for when you actually have real time to do laundry!).  It’s all in the fabric, baby.

PeachSkinSheets are so soft and comfy, sleeping on them is like caressing a unicorn. Check out the benefits of the last pair of sheets you'll ever buy!

“Well, of course it is,” you’re thinking. The fabric IS the sheets! PeachSkinSheets aren’t made of any old fabric though, they’re made of magical wizard-enchanted 21st century SMART fabric. Okay, the unicorn part I made up. However, the SMART part is real. PeachSkinSheets are made from the same materials that help keep athletes’ body temperatures regulated.

What does that mean for you? No more sweaty nights. Obviously, living in the Poconos where we’ve had Arctic temps lately, I haven’t tested this theory on those crazy humid evenings. However, my headache medicine makes me crazy hot at night. At least I HOPE it’s my headache medicine, otherwise I’m going through cha-cha-changes. I have no way of really knowing, since I got the uterus yanked.

In either case, even in the winter when my noggin was freezing, my core body was roasting. I must have looked like a crazy person with the blanket wrapped around my ears and feet, but my middle sticking out. I tore the flannels off my bed and was using cheap lightweight sheets, but they still didn’t help. My PeachSkinSheets do exactly what they promise, though: they add like zero extra heat to the bed. On the other hand, they also aren’t frigid when I slide into my comfy nest after a long day. See, clearly enchanted by wizards!

Even more benefits of PeachSkinSheets include:

  • Reversibility: Yep, they work on both sides. No more trying to figure out which side is up!
  • Insanely soft with 1500 thread count. I don’t really understand the whole thread count thing with sheets, but wow, these are like caressing a unicorn!
  • They fit! With 18″ deep pockets, you don’t have to do the tug and pull if you have a thick mattress. Yay!
  • My dog won’t destroy them. Every single pair of sheets I own has a hole in the same spot. Why? One word: Cooper. PeachSkinSheets are designed to stand up to the Coopers, Fido’s Princess’ and yes, even your kids.

Check out even more benefits of the PeachSkinSheets fabric here. There are 20 in all. How many sheets do you know that can list 20 benefits? One of my favorite benefits, though, was the fact that I didn’t have to wash them before using them. They were soft right out of the package. Even my ancient teddy bear, Mr. Bear, thought they were comfy. Hey, I was 2 when I named him, so don’t make fun!

PeachSkinSheets are so soft and comfy, sleeping on them is like caressing a unicorn. Check out the benefits of the last pair of sheets you'll ever buy!

Plus, they have super simple washing instructions. You do need to wash them alone, but the drying time is just 10 minutes. So for those times when it’s way past your bedtime and you realize you forgot to dry your sheets, you can still be under the covers by the time you finish brushing your teeth and washing your face.

PeachSkinSheets Free Swatch Program & $50 Colors of the Month

PeachSkinSheets come in 13 gorgeous colors. I went with the Beach Blue (Aqua) because it goes with both my summer and winter bedding. Plus it’s just a soothing color. Here’s the cool part: if you just can’t get a feel for the colors on the screen and really want to make sure your sheets match your decor, they have a Free Swatch program! You can request free samples of all 13 colors to see them for yourself.

Plus, PeachSkinSheets also has $50 Colors of the Month, where every size of a certain color is on sale for just $50. That’s every size from twin to California King. Regular sets retail for $69.95, so you’re saving $19.95 right off the bat. On a CA King set, you save $100! They always at AT LEAST 2 colors on sale.

Honestly, for $50, you’re getting incredible sheets at a better price that I’ve seen less impressive sheets retail for in mass-market stores. I was really impressed when I saw that and it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to money. These are seriously the best sheets I’ve ever slept on.


Ready to get an amazing night sleep on the comfiest, loveliest sheets? Order your set at the PeachSkinSheets website now! Be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news, including the latest Color the Month. They also have such a pretty Pinterest account!