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7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Health During National Women's Health Week

Did you know that Mother’s Day isn’t just a day to celebrate how awesome we moms are? It’s also the first day of National Women’s Health Week! I think the timing makes perfect sense. After all, moms often neglect their own health because they’re so busy looking after their kids. As a single mom, my “excuse” is that I just “don’t have time.” Don’t have time to be healthy? Yes, even I know what a lame excuse that is!

We all want to improve our health. The problem is, we’re so bombarded with these “tips” that require entire lifestyle changes overnight. To me, a “tip” is something easy. Something I can do NOW, something that doesn’t call for a pantry overhaul, a weird archaic diet or spending a small fortune on “necessary” equipment. So I’ve put together my 7 easy ways to improve your health that actually work for me! Let’s rock this National Women’s Health Week!

Easy Ways to Improve Your Health During National Women’s Health Week

  1.  Go to bed a little earlier. I’m a night owl, but a few months ago I really made an effort to turn it a bit earlier every night. I decided that I don’t REALLY need to stay up that extra hour playing games on my iPad. My virtual dragons will survive without my constant supervision. Even if you can shave 15 to 20 minutes off your night, it helps!
  2. Take more breaks. As a work-at-home-mom, I spend up to 12 hours a day on the computer, although 9 is my average. For a long time, I rarely ever even stood up to stretch. Now, I make sure I get up at least once an hour for a few minutes. I walk around the house, fold laundry, something to switch gears and give myself a break. I also eat lunch away from the computer.
  3. Keep up with checkups. We make sure our kids get them, but so often forget our own. They really are so important to keeping you healthy. Once a year, half an hour. If you’re worried about spending hours in the doctor’s office because of delays, schedule your appointment for first thing in the morning or for the first appointment after lunch.
  4. Brush smarter.  One of the simplest ways to improve your health is through better oral care habits. When your mouth is unhealthy, it can lead to all sorts of other problems. Even a small change like switching to a Colgate Total regimen with Colgate Total’s New Gum Health Mouthwash can provide advanced gum protection for 45% stronger, healthier gums. Plus it leaves your mouth feeling so refreshed! I love brushing in the morning, it really helps wake me up! Colgate Total
  5. Chill out. Anger and stress are two emotions that can wreak havoc on your health. I have a very important rule: if it won’t affect my life for longer than an hour, I don’t get mad. Spilled milk takes a minute to clean up. The dog knocking over the garbage? Five minutes. Someone cutting me off in traffic and NOT causing an accident? Over in a flash. Getting mad, throwing a fit, holding a grudge- these things release cortisol and other stress chemicals. In small doses, they serve a purpose. Sustained over a long period, they destroy your physical health. Constant anger also destroys your emotion health.
  6. Stay hydrated. Notice how I didn’t say “drink more water”? There’s a reason for that. I despise plain water. It literally makes me nauseous. I do, however, like water with lemon juice. I also like decaf herbal tea. Both count towards my hydration goals. If you can’t stand water, don’t let the whole “you need a zillion gallons a day” think deter you from healthy hydration practices. Just look for other sugar-free, caffeine-free, junk-free options.
  7. Have fun! All work and no play makes for a great creepy Stephen King novel and little else. A few months ago, I realized that I was literally working my life away. I woke up, started work, then went to bed. Nothing in between. Seven days a week. I took off maybe one day a month. I was so miserable and depressed. I set new rules for myself. I work smarter, as the motivational speakers say. I get off the computer at a specific time and then I have fun. Whether I’m playing with my son, spending time with my boyfriend or just reading a book, I make sure I take time for myself. It lowers your stress, which in turn helps you live a longer, healthier life that you’ll actually enjoy!

These easy ways to improve your health are something that we can all do. I admit, sometimes I get really far off track and need reminders. That’s what’s National Women’s Health Week is for, to get us all back on track! I have something else to help get you back on track too! A giveaway!