I like all types of food and will try just about anything. Though I have to admit sushi was one of those foods I was hesitant to try because I wasn’t quite sold on the whole raw fish part.  I’m happy I tried it, because now I love sushi. I’ve thought about trying to make my own sushi rolls but back out every time. Friends of mine have said it takes a little practice and I’m worried I’d just waste money if my rolls turned out to be a disaster.

Make your own Sushi Easily with SushiQuik

I received a complimentary SushiQuik set in exchange for an honest review.

SushiQuik was developed by a team of sushi lovers based out of Reston, Virginia. It’s the result of their desire to find a fun and easy solution to making sushi. I was excited to see if that was the case.

The Complete SushiQuik Starter Kit

The Complete SushiQuik Starter Kit includes:

  • Training frame to help measure rice
  • A nonstick paddle for spreading the rice
  • Two end caps (These can also be used to hold soy sauce)
  • SushiQuik roll cutter
  • SushiQuik ebook with over 25 recipes

At first glance the components of the kit appear to be of good quality. The plastic is durable and doesn’t feel like it’s going to snap in half the first time I use it. I followed the recipe on the side of the box to prepare my rice, and went on to the step-by-step instructions for making my sushi rolls as shown on the insert included with the packaging.

SushiQuik Starter Kit  How To

I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to assemble my California rolls. I had one little mess up with the last two rolls I cut, but I think that was due to my kitchen knife not being very sharp. Each piece of the SushiQuik Starter Kit was simple to use and my rolls looked good for my first attempt! While each part of the kit is dishwasher safe, it was just as easy to clean them by hand when I was finished.

Make your own sushi at home easily with SushiQuik! Perfect for a sushi party or date nights!

The SushiQuik Starter Kit would make a fun gift for any sushi lover. It would also be handy to have on hand for an in home date night or to have a few friends over for a sushi making party. You can purchase a kit for $35.00 on the SushiQuik website at While you’re there, you can also find recipes and How-To videos to help get your started.

Have you ever made sushi at home? What is your favorite type of sushi?