Do you know a child that loves to build? Are you one of those parents that is always stepping on little building blocks? Construction sets are an awesome way for kids to learn through play. Problem solving skills, cognitive thinking, even basic hand-eye coordination are all put to the test when kids build stuff. If you have an avid builder at home, get ready for loads of open-ended fun with Brackitz!

Know a child who loves to build? Let them create structures out of their wildest imaginations with Brackitz open-ended building sets! Check them out!

Brackitz: Open-Ended Building Fun for the Whole Family

*I received a Brackitz Inventor set in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Brackitz are an engineering and building toy that are designed to be much more than just stacking blocks. They introduce key STEM principles through play. Brakitz are open-ended toys, which allows them to be connected at any point or angle the builder wishes without the use of lengthy instructions. Along with other awards and recognition, Popular Mechanics included Brackitz as one of the 33 best toys of the year in 2015.

Know a child who loves to build? Let them create structures out of their wildest imaginations with Brackitz open-ended building sets! Check them out!

Our Brackitz Inventor 28 Piece Set included the following:

  • 6 Long blue planks
  • 6 Short blue planks
  • 3 Blue 4-way connectors
  • 3 Orange 4-way connectors
  • 3 Red 3-way connectors
  • 3 Yellow 3-way connectors
  • 4 Magenta motion connectors

Brackitz Open Ended Building Toy

When my son and I first opened the box of Brackitz, we noticed immediately how different they looked compared to other building sets we own or have seen before. Within seconds he was building away. It didn’t take him long to realize that these pieces don’t have to connect to each other in a straight, or flat position. Arms could bend and platforms could rise off the ground without the pieces coming undone or snapping apart. I don’t think he anticipated this, but appeared to be pleasantly surprised!

Brackitz Open Ended Building Toy

Finn and his sister have really taken a liking to these. They are easy to piece together, and being truly open-ended helps eliminate frustration over not being able to follow a certain model or instruction set. The pieces are durable and stick together well. We’ve had to move completed masterpieces a couple of times in order to avoid demolition from a certain toddler. Even then they all move in one piece without the need for a remodel. Even the highest towers move from one room to the next without any problems.

Brackitz Open Ended Building Toy

Brackitz are a great toy for kids to enjoy while also providing education benefits through play. You are sure to see the gears in their minds turning while they build and connect pieces together and figure out how to create their masterpiece. Not only are Brackitz colorful and durable, they are also made in the USA.

To learn more about Brackitz and sets currently available for purchase, check out their website at You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

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