The Mighty Power of Kind Words: Change the World With Your #RefreshingThoughtsThis post is brought to you by Niagara Water. All opinions are my own.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been a great lover of written words. A logophile, if you will. I was always a bit awkward at expressing myself through speech. I talk super-fast when I’m nervous, and since I’m actually quite shy, I’m nervous most of the time. Writing was my only comfortable way of expressing myself. That still holds true. I am far more eloquent on screen than I am on the phone or in person!

I have my grandfather to thank for my love of words. While he had a talent for expressing himself through the spoken language as well, he was passionate about the written language. He loved everything from a well-timed silly pun to an inspirational quote. As he got older, he started memorizing a quote a day to keep his mind sharp. We shared them back and forth. In high school, I kept a huge notebook filled with my favorite sayings. When the internet became a household thing, I started collecting them in a Word doc, then later in graphic form on my Wonderful Words Pinterest board. My grandfather is gone now, but our mutual love of a good quote will forever bond us.

The Power of Inspirational Words

One thing my grandfather taught me was the power of inspirational words. He and my grandmother spent their lives trying to uplift people, to bring them a bit of happiness even in the toughest moments. From teaching bowling to low-income children to spending time in orphanages in India, he believed that everyone deserved to have joy in their lives and he worked hard to “be the change” he wanted to see in the world. If he noticed someone looking a bit down at the grocery store, he’d strike up a conversation and try to brighten their day.

The Mighty Power of Kind Words: Change the World With Your #RefreshingThoughts

While I don’t quite have my grandfather’s outgoing personality (I am WAY too shy to talk to strangers in the grocery store!), I am proud that he passed on to me his desire to see people happy. Over the years, I’ve collected many inspirational quotes that really give me a boost when I’m feeling down. I love sharing them with others, the way my grandfather did with me. It keeps our bond alive, no matter how old I get and how long he’s been gone.

The great thing about kind words, they don’t have to be “inspirational poster” material to change someone’s day.  Sometimes, the simplest “I believe in you” can completely change a person’s outlook for the better. Even the act of mentally sending uplifting messages to another can change your own day.

The Mighty Power of Kind Words: Change the World With Your #RefreshingThoughts

When I’m stuck in traffic trying to get out onto the road and someone lets me out, I wish with all my might that they have a wonderful day. Their small act of letting me merge into traffic made my day better, after all. It would probably be weird for me to scream “have a nice day” out the window, so I mentally send it to them and hope that the universe gives them the message. It sounds silly, but it instantly makes me feel better too. Try it sometime!

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