Can you believe it’s finally autumn? Well, almost anyway! I’m so excited! I love everything about the season, from the pumpkin spice galore to Halloween madness to, of course, fabulous fall decor. I’m happy to introduce Isadora Guidoni’s special guest piece about decorating for fall. I absolutely love her ideas! Check them out! 

Awesome tips for how to decorate your home for fall and create a cozy atmosphere!


Fall season is upon us, and even though summer has been great, it’s time to look forward. Here are some easy ideas you can try at your home to welcome this beautiful and colorful season.

Start With The Front Door

Doorsteps Decor

Fall Home Decor Tips 1

There’s no better place to start than your home’s entrance. Using big and hardy gourds like pumpkins is an easy, effortless way to decorate your front steps for fall. You can even put your address number on the biggest one to add a sense of personalization to your decor.

Fall Wreath

Fall Home Decor Tips 2

Hanging a wreath on the front door is a great way to welcome the visitors. Arrange dried branches, flowers, ribbons, pine cones, and colorful leaves to create a beautiful and unique fall decor piece.


Fall Plants


Plants are a beautiful way to decorate your home without any effort. Make a big centerpiece for your dining table or scatter smaller pots around the house. You can use colorful flowers or more resilient greens. Whatever you decide, plants bring life into your home and freshen up the air.

Fall Display
Fall Home Decor Tips 4

An interesting way to bring fall into your home is creating a display next to the entrance door or a simple arranged tablescape in the entrance way. Use seasonal gourds of different sizes and shapes and scatter colorful fall leaves around. On a table, you can also use potted plants and branches in a vase with water. Rearrange it and voilá: a beautiful and effortless fall display.


Warm Up The Place

Candle Lighting

fall decor candles

Set up some candles around the living room and on the dining table to create a cozier space. The naturally warm glow of candles and fireplaces creates a welcoming, cozy atmosphere for your home, especially as the weather cools off during the fall and into the winter. If you’re looking to add a little romance to your fall date night, use candles instead of overhead lights.



Fall Home Decor Tips  6

Talking about fireplaces, get a professional to inspect and clean the chimney and firebox, and have it ready for you. Nothing is better than curling up next to it with a hot chocolate on a chilly day. Hang some seasonal garlands on it made with leaves and pinecones, and it will be the favorite place of the home during the season.



Fall Home Decor Tips  7

To better fit the season, change the pillows that have light summer fabrics to some with luxe velvets in fall shades like pumpkin orange, mustard yellow, and dark green.


Fall Home Decor Tips 8

Choose a big fluffy rug to put in the living room or bedroom, next to the fireplace and that will be the children’s favorite spot of the house. Combining these last few tips together will make the room look and feel very comfortable, warm, and make it a great place to spend valuable time with family and friends.

Color Coding

Fall Home Decor Tips  9


With the change of season, it’s best to change those light and breezy summer colors to some rustic fall color schemes. Mix shades of pumpkin, maple and rust, dark orange, light brown, beige, greens, mustard yellow, wine red, prussian blue, latte… There are many options to choose from and in the end you will feel enchanted with the result. You don’t need to paint the walls to change the look, just get those forgotten sheets from the closet, change the pillow covers, hang up some posters, and leave the table without any tablecloth to show that stunning oak color.

Display Your Memories

Fall Home Decor Tips  10

With the festive holidays coming soon, showing family pictures, children’s drawings, landscapes you’ve taken, and even old letters to the visitors is a great way to entertain and create subjects to talk about. You can hang them in proper frames or even use tape to directly display it on the wall.


Are you excited for fall? What about the season do you like most? Tell us all about it and how you’ll prepare for this beautiful upcoming season.


Article written by Isadora Guidoni, also a writer for, a company that connects homeowners to reliable, affordable and professional contractors for their home improvement projects. Check more on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.