We are kind of addicted to subscription boxes in my family. My son gets some sort of gamer-themed box every month (we constantly change them because he gets bored with one, then moves on to the next). I have a thing for beauty boxes. I love opening up a box of carefully curated beauty goodies and discovering some new gem. It’s like Christmas all year round!

Looking for a beauty subscription box that shows off your inner geeky side? Check out BOOM!Box, created for nerds by nerds!

What if you’re into both gaming and beauty, though? Where is your “nerd-curated” beauty box? Do they make anything for you? Why yes, yes they do! It’s called the BOOM!Box, and I got to check out their Candyland themed-box right before the holidays. I think you’re going to like it!

BOOM!Box: Beauty Curated for Nerds by Nerds

BOOM!Box is THE Beauty Box for Girls Who Are Proud to Be Geeky!

BOOM!Box is a bi-monthly beauty box curated by The Nerd Misfits at Espionage Cosmetics. The Nerd Misfits banded together to create something that combines fandom, fun, fashion and beauty all together into one bright box.

BOOM!Box is THE Beauty Box for Girls Who Are Proud to Be Geeky!

Open it up and you’ll find plenty of goodies to get excited about! My favorite was that ginormous technicolored bath bomb! Too bad I didn’t even get to try a teeny bit of it. Jake stole it from me. Actually, he said he would share it with me. We broke it in half and I set the other half aside (it’s THAT big). But then he wasn’t feeling great a few nights later and I let him use the other half. I’m a really good mom. It did smell awesome, though!

BOOM!Box is THE Beauty Box for Girls Who Are Proud to Be Geeky!
My second favorite (and something I actually get to use) are those lip balms. OMG, they are insanely yummy! You’ll want to lick your lips, which may not be a good thing because that makes them chapped. I managed to show some restraint. I got Cotton Candy and Chocolate Orange. Both taste exactly like their name implies.

BOOM!Box is THE Beauty Box for Girls Who Are Proud to Be Geeky!

The box also included other fun stuff, like a really light and pretty Simply Mint to Be Scarf, a gorgeous fairy art card, a little candy gingerbread man and some fun nail wraps. Alas, I have no nails, so I will either wait until summer and try them on my toes or give them to a friend. I found this on their Instagram page with an example of how they look. Super cute, I should stop biting my nails!!

If you love those nail wraps, you might want to check out their NEXUS subscription box. Every month, they send out two new nail wrap designs based on a theme. Subscribers vote for their favorite, and the losing design is exclusively available to subscribers while the winning design is made available on their site for purchase.

You have about two weeks left to subscribe to the next BOOM!Box, so head over to Espionage Cosmetic’s website and check it out!