I know many of you reading this are avid readers like me, but a reading challenge helps to keep me mixing up my normal picks. Have you ever tried a reading challenge? I’ve seen many that have lists of books that are miles long. Rather than completely overwhelming myself with too many choices, I like the idea of making the list achievable with one book per month. I’ve put together three monthly reading challenges based on three different types of readers I personally know. Pick your favorite and this year is going to be full of amazing stories and books quickly! Which one of my reading friends are you most like?

3 Monthly Reading Challenges That Will Make You Want To Devour New Books

3 Monthly Reading Challenges That Will Make You Want To Devour New Books

The Conversationalist

The conversationalist loves to read, and then talk to others about what they are reading. Maybe you are part of a book club, or maybe you just like to chat about the plot line online. This challenge will steer you towards interesting books that you can bring up in conversations, plus you will look like a pro recommending them!

  1. A book from the New York Times bestseller list
  2. A book that isn’t something you would normally read
  3. A book you already own, but haven’t read yet
  4. A book a librarian or bookstore owner recommends to you
  5. A book recommended on Pretty Opinionated
  6. A book being made into a movie in 2017
  7. A book recommended to you by a friend
  8. A book that you should have read, but skipped
  9. A book that has been banned
  10. A used book (borrow one from a friend, or find a used bookstore!)
  11. A book that’s based off a movie you’ve already seen
  12. A book that you keep hearing people talking about

The Cover Gambler

If you want to try something new while still keeping things light, this is the challenge for you! This challenge is based entirely off of book covers and I know you’re going to love how spontaneous it feels. Break the rules a little bit, you rebel!

  1. A book with a blue cover
  2. A cover that looks mysterious
  3. A cover that only has one color on the front (besides black and white)
  4. A book that has a face on the cover
  5. A book that has a person on the cover, but you can’t see their face
  6. A story about something supernatural
  7. A book with one of the following words in the title: boy, girl, gone, game
  8. A story that looks fancy from the cover
  9. A book that has a celebrity on the cover
  10. A book that you picked up without reading the back/ description at all!
  11. A story written by an author who shares your first name
  12. A book with a seemingly ugly cover

The Inspirational Reader

If you’re looking to make the next year full of ideas that will inspire you, this is the book challenge you want to try! Following along with this list is guaranteed to put some really good reads in your hand that are going to make you think and will probably make you smarter too!

  1. A book nominated for an award this year.
  2. Three books from the same author
  3. A Newberry Award Winner or Honored book
  4. A biography by someone who inspires you
  5. A book that was written the year you were born
  6. A classic book you haven’t read, or haven’t read in more than five years
  7. A story written by a local author
  8. A book about a place around the world you’ve never been to
  9. A story based on a historical event
  10. A book that might make you cry
  11. A book that will help you achieve a goal you have in mind
  12. A book you thought you’d never read

So tell me, are you the conversationalist, the cover gambler or the inspirational reader? Tell me which monthly reading challenge is perfect for you down in the comments!