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Save time and money on your spring cleaning & organizing with these 7 fabulous household uses for trash bags (aside from the obvious!) I love finding new uses for things that I usually have on hand, don’t you? It’s such a smart way to save time and money. I am usually not a big fan of cleaning and organizing, so when the bug hits I have to take full advantage of it. If I have to leave the house to buy supplies, I guarantee that by the time I get back the urge will have passed. Trash bags are one of the things that I’ve found many purposes for around the home. They’re also something that pretty much every household has on hand at any given time. I’m sharing a few of my favorite uses for garbage bags…aside from the obvious, of course!

7  Uses for Trash Bags Besides Just Holding Your Garbage

Before you dive in and start trying these alternate uses for trash bags, it’s important to make sure you’re using the right bag! This is one item that I refuse to compromise on when it comes to quality and brand (toilet paper and paper towels are two others!). One of my favorites is Glad ForceFlex Kitchen Pro Trashbags. They’re available at Target and give you the protection of a kitchen bag with the capacity and strength of an outdoor bag. Plus they have 5-day odor control for when you do use them for garbage! Let’s dive into the different ways you can use them throughout your home and beyond! Save time and money on your spring cleaning & organizing with these 7 fabulous household uses for trash bags (aside from the obvious!)

  • Clean out your closet and make a donation bag (or multiple bags, I filled up three just a few months ago from my closet alone!). Garbage bags are great for this purpose because I drop my donations off in those big collection bins that are scattered throughout my town. The only take clothes in bags since boxes won’t fit through the opening. Again, you want a strong bag. Trust me, you don’t want to be picking up clothes all over a parking lot because your bargain-bin bag broke. Been there, done that!
  • Store winter blankets for the warmer months. My family has a blanket problem! My son has more fuzzy fleece blankets than I can count and I have at least three ginormous comforters that need to be stored for the warmer months. I don’t have room for giant boxes in my own closet and we don’t have a dedicated linen closet. I put them neatly folded in trash bags, toss in a scented sachet bag and stick them on the floor of my closet. Just squish out the air, fold over the top of the bag and, if desired, seal it shut with a bit of duct tape. Even if you do have a linen closet, this is a smart way to keep everything together for the next season.

Save time and money on your spring cleaning & organizing with these 7 fabulous household uses for trash bags (aside from the obvious!)

  • Add protection to stored books and other treasures: Even worse than our blanket problem is our book addiction! At one point, I had 17 bins of books stored in my garage! I thought they were protected in the boxes and bins, but the humidity still got to quite a few books. Once, the tub overflowed and the water seeped down into my garage (I have a split-level home, my garage is below the upstairs) and made its way into one of my boxes. Since Glad ForceFlex Kitchen Pro Trashbags have double-bag protection against leaks, they’re perfect for protecting your treasured books, stuffed animals or other things stored in your garage or basement. They’re designed to keep leaks in the bag, but that same protection also helps keep leaks out.
  • Black out your windows. Okay, so a giant trash bag over your windows isn’t exactly beautiful to look at, but if you work a night shift or are just trying to get some extra sleep during the day, they definitely do the trick for a lot less money than fancy blackout curtains!
  • Protect your plants. If you’re going to have an unseasonably cold night or a torrential downpour, placing trash bags over your plants is a good way to protect them.
  • Create an emergency “go” bag. Every home needs a “go” bag in case of emergency or evacuations. Store emergency supplies in a trash bag and keep it somewhere near your front door. If you’re evacuating in a flood or torrential downpour, you’ll be glad you stored everything in a trash bag instead of a box!
  • Make craft time less messy. Before your kids start painting or crafting, cover their work surface with a trash bag laid out flat. Don’t cut it, just lay it flat on the table as is. When they’re done, push everything to the center of the bag, flip over the top layer and carefully push everything into the bag as you turn it inside out. The mess goes into the bag in one fell swoop.

Save time and money on your spring cleaning & organizing with these 7 fabulous household uses for trash bags (aside from the obvious!) These are just a few things you can do in and around your home with a single box of Glad ForceFlex Kitchen Pro Trashbags. There are also countless ways to use them outside the home for camping, traveling and staying safe in an emergency.

Can you think of any other great ways to repurpose trash bags throughout your home? Share in the comments!

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