I think it’s pretty safe to say we could all use a few more unicorn food ideas in our life, I know I can. From cookies to corn on the cob, to noodles there are so many great food ideas that could use a little sparkle and unicorn shine. Check out all of these fun ideas that are going to make you want to go dive into your kitchen and start cooking up some magic.

9 Coolest Unicorn Food Ideas You Have To Try

9 Coolest Unicorn Food Ideas You Have To Try

Unicorn Poop Yogurt Cookies


How fun are these for summer! These simple yogurt unicorn poop cookies are totally something I can make. Add extra sprinkles to mine, please! These also make a great summertime treat.

Unicorn Marshmallows

unicorn marshmallow pops

UNICORN MARSHMALLOW POPS! Cute and easy. Your #DailyUnicorn.Full how-tos: http://thedecoratedcookie.com/2017/01/unicorn-marshmallow-pops/

Posted by The decorated cookie on Saturday, May 6, 2017

I simply love this idea for these adorable unicorn marshmallows on a stick! If your decorating skills are minimal, try buying a few candy flowers. You can also buy readymade fondant or moldable white chocolate to make the ears and horn come together quickly!

Unicorn Ice Cream


I have literally no idea how they turned a sugar cone into a magical golden horn but I want one! Also is this ice cream sitting on top of a cannoli shell? Unicorns have all the fun.

Unicorn Corn

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May your week be as magical as this UNI-CORN. 😂 Get your 🦄🌽 fix at the OC Night Market — along with Hot Cheetos & Doritos Elote — & follow along on Snapchat 👻 MsTanayaG for more crazy sneak peeks! – Besides supporting my longtime friend in her biz, I like how this Uni-corn brings joy with the 🌈 colors, yet still tastes like elote… because it IS elote! 🎉 Parmesan cheese (with some food coloring – but probably not much more than a handful of M&Ms), mayo & corn. And it's tasty. 😋 – Most of all, I love that it's by Liam's Lemonaid, a small business. 👍🏼 You can try their fun elotes at the upcoming OC Night Market! #TanayasTable #ocnightmarket – That said, stay tuned for a Taco Bell new menu item sneak peek tomorrow. 😀 Corporations are NOT bad IMO, as long as what they do is aligned with & authentic to their brand & their audience (vs. solely for viral buzz when it's terrible for you AND not even tasty lol). Just my personal take, but respect to all opinions of course. 💖 Have a great week, guys!! 😊

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Just when I thought all the unicorn food ideas were sweet, someone proves me wrong! This parmesan cheese crusted unicorn corn on the cob is the stuff dreams are made of!

Unicorn Fudge

Oooooo pretty unicorn fudge! #unicornfudge #unicornfood #unicorns #thesnowdropcakery

Posted by The Snowdrop Cakery on Monday, March 13, 2017

Unicorn fudge is like white chocolate fudge but with sparkles and sunshine! Mix in some food coloring, don’t forget tons of sprinkles, and the magic will begin!

Unicorn Toast

This video has unicorns and sparkles jumping right through the video so watch out for that sunshine when you hit play. How quick and easy is this unicorn toast though? The recipes mentions adding powdered sugar to the cream cheese, but you can simply use regular ol’cream cheese if you’re not in the mood for sweet toast.

Unicorn Rice Noodles

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Hi friends! Today I've got something a bit different. It's a video! My editing and video skills do need some work (I'm in need of a tripod!) but I had to share this since so many have been asking how to make these noodles. The neon noodles are glass noodles and the pastel ones are rice noodles⚡️ : I had them with the most delicious fire satay sauce, avocado and a cauliflower recipe I'll be sharing with you asap (it's an umami bomb). Find more unicorn inspired recipes on my blog (link in profile) ⚡️ : I've been wanting to make more videos and even potentially start a YouTube channel, but it's quite intimidating to be honest. So for now let's just stick with colorful pics and the rare video🤷🏾‍♂️. : Happy weekend everyone! ⚡️have a blessed day🕺🏾💃🏽 : One Love 🌹

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Part science, part magic these unicorn noodles will make you want to grab some cabbage and give this a unicorn food ideas a try! You’ve got to see just how easy it is to make these pink and blue noodles, watch the video!

Unicorn Layered Waffles

Everyday I'm waffling! Unicorn waffles from @theironpress 🦄 🌈 Thanks @eatersanonymous for the wonderful food tour!!! #waffles #unicornfood #OCfoodies #xodaydreamers

Posted by xodaydreamers on Friday, April 1, 2016

Fruity breakfast cereal gives these unicorn pancakes their colorful shine. Don’t forget icing or whipped cream on top, I heard unicorns themselves eat that icing for breakfast too.

Unicorn Cupcakes In A Cone

Rainbow Unicorn Cupcake Cones

Almost too pretty to eat (Keyword: almost).

Posted by Spoon University on Thursday, January 26, 2017

Do you remember when you were a kid and your mom would bake cupcakes into ice cream cones? I did it for my kid’s birthday once and they sure were a lot less messy than regular cupcakes. Next time is the winner with these unicorn cupcakes in a cone. Line these up at your next pool party, birthday party or barbecue and watch everyone’s eyes light up!

Have you ever made any unicorn themed food? Which of these unicorn food ideas is your favorite to try? I have to try those noodles, and the marshmallows look pretty cute. Which is your favorite?