Want your house to be the hit of Halloween for ALL kids, including those who can’t have sweets? I’ve rounded up 20 awesome candy-free Halloween treats that will wow your trick or treaters! These are perfect for Teal Pumpkin Project houses!

Want your house to be the hit of Halloween for ALL kids, including those who can't have sweets? I've rounded up 20 awesome candy-free Halloween treats that will wow your trick or treaters! These are perfect for Teal Pumpkin Project houses! 


Up until a few years ago, I never would have thought about handing out candy-free Halloween treats. To me, the point of Trick or Treating was getting a huge sack full of sweets. I even planned out routes in advance to optimize my son’s haul. Then something dawned on me. Well, two things, actually. First, I realized that Jake was actually happier to get really cool candy-free treats. He’s a picky eater, and that even extends into junk food. There were really only about 5 different types of candy that he actually liked. The rest of the haul either went to me or in the trash after it sat until Christmas. Second, Halloween has to be stressful for parents of kids with food allergies or medical conditions that prevent them from eating candy (or parents who just plain don’t let their kids eat it).

A couple of years ago, I learned about the Teal Pumpkin Project and it really opened up my eyes about the need to offer non-candy treats to kids. Whether you decide to ditch all the sweets or just keep non-candy treats on hand for the kids who can’t have candy, you want kids to leave feeling like they’ve gotten an awesome treat, right? No one wants to be the house that the kids hit last because they know they’ll get something lame (seriously, DON’T be the house that hands out political fliers, those people are the worst, and yes, they exist). I ran these ideas by my son, who has decided he’s too old to go out this year and STILL thinks they’re pretty cool.

20 Really Cool Candy-Free Halloween Treats

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1. Punching Balloons!

Punch balloons like this Creepy Halloween Ghoulish set are always a hit in my house!

2. These glowing eye balls!

Glow in the Dark Halloween EYE Ball Bouncy Balls: My son never gets tired of creepy bouncy balls, especially if they glow in the dark!

3. Crazy fun wind up toys

Halloween Wind Up Toy Assortments: I don’t care how old (or how cool) you are, wind up toys never cease to amuse!

4. Rubber Duckies!

Halloween Rubber Ducks: We used to have a massive collection of rubber duckies. How cute is that cat duck? Forget the kids, give these out to ME this Halloween!

5. Zombie Bendies!

Bendable Zombie Toys: While I’ve never really been into zombies, my son does not share that sentiment. In fact, he is crazy for the not-so-dead!

6. More bouncy balls!

Bright Halloween Bouncing Balls: As much as I love the glowing eyeball set, you do get more for your money in this set. For about the price of a few bags of candy you get 6 dozen cute candy-free treats to give out.

7. LED Pumpkin Necklaces

LED Light Up Halloween Pumpkin Jack O Lantern Necklaces: If you don’t have a lot of trick or treaters (or have a pretty good-sized budget), these are a cute giveaway. We only have one or two every year because we live too far outside the regular trick or treat zone. Basically, coming up here isn’t worth the effort.

8. Play-Doh!

Play-Doh Treat-Without-the-Sweet Halloween Bag: I love Play-Doh so much that I anxiously awaited the day my son would be old enough to play with it. Then I bought pretty much every Play-Doh set in existence. Jake is 12 now and doesn’t play with it quite as often, but we do still break it out every now and then for fun!

9. Zombie Wall Flingy Sticky Things

Sticky Zombie Wall Tumblers: What is it about sticky wall tumblers? Jake has had like a million of them over the years. They get hairy and gross after a week, yes, but they sure are fun while they last! Fun fact about me: I was TERRIFIED of these things when I was a kid, especially the ones shaped like octopuses! My brother used to tease me with them relentlessly. Yet he blames me for his lifelong fear of horror movies just because I locked him in a dark bathroom and sang the “1,2, Freddy’s coming for you” song ONE time. Go figure.

10. Zombie pencils 

Zombie Pencils 24 Pack: Make learning fun with these creepy pencils! We probably have like 500 pencils in my house at this point and my son still loves getting them in favor bags.

11. Creepy Zombie Head Pencil Toppers

One Dozen Zombie Heads pencil toppers: These would go great with the pencils! Just don’t give my kid the clown looking one, please. He will tease me with it because he thinks it’s funny that clowns give me nightmares. He takes after my brother.

12. Not so creepy erasers

Geddes Boo Buddies Pencil with Giant Eraser Assortment: Something a little less creepy for the younger kids, this assortment comes with both pencils and adorable erasers.

13. The whole shebang assortment

156 Piece Mega Halloween Toy Novelty Assortment;: If you don’t want to limit kids to just one type of candy-free treat, assortments like this are a great option. I love this one because every item in it is pretty cool. If you opt for a different assortment, just look closely to make sure you’re not getting 500 tiny stickers and 5 cool toys. Kind of like how candy assortments always fill half of the bag with that one candy no one wants to eat.

14. Glow in the Dark Temporary Tats

Glow-In-The-Dark Halloween Tattoos 6 Dozen: Temporary tattoos are a great budget-friendly candy-free treat because you can get a ton of them super cheap. My son used to go through temporary tats like crazy. I’m surprised half of his DNA isn’t made up of wash-off ink.

15.Sugar Skull Tattoos

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Tattoos: I love these for a slightly older trick or treating crowd. They’re a little more sophisticated than the cutesy monsters and pumpkins.

16.Squishy brains!

Squishy Brain Fidget Splat Ball by Funky Toys: Since these only come in 3-packs, this is another giveaway that you might want to consider getting only if you have just a few visitors each year. Otherwise, you might want to look at other options that give you more to a set.

17. Smencils

Halloween Smencils Cylinder: My son used to buy these at school store all the time and I’d steal them when he wasn’t looking. Probably why he kept buying them! They’re like the smelly markers that we had as kids, except you don’t end up with 20 different colored marks under your nose with them.

18. Scratch and Smell Stickers

Neat Treats Mello Smello Scratch and Smell Sticker Giveaways: I haven’t seen scratch and sniff stickers in ages! I used to love collecting them when I was little.

19. Bugs!


Realistic Plastic Bugs: Little pranksters will love getting realistic bugs to freak out their parents and siblings with. Trust me, I know this for a fact. I’ve been pranked with gross plastic bugs more times than I care to admit!

20. Gift Certificates

I’m not saying you should give every kid that comes to your door a $50 Amazon gift card, but you can usually buy or print packs of certificates for things like RedBox DVD rentals. french fries, and so on pretty cheap. I know both McDonald’s and Wendy’s has packs of coupons for like $1. Just watch the food certificates if the whole point of giving non-candy treats is to avoid food allergies.

These are all fun candy-free treats that kids of all ages will love. If you are the parent of a child with allergies, I’d love for you to weigh in on your favorites, and any tips that you have for making Halloween fun without the candy.

What types of fun candy-free treats do you like to give out? Share below! 





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