Looking for a way to stimulate your child’s imaginations on the go without resorting to handing over yet another gadget with a screen? You’re going to love My Fabulous Storyteller from Lunii. I’m excited to partner with them to share their innovative way to bring the magic of story time to life without using a screen!

Looking for a unique screen-free gift that will help stimulate your child's imagination and encourage future writers? You're going to love My Fabulous Storyteller by Lunii! Check it out!

My Fabulous Storyteller is the perfect combination of old-school bedtime stories, exciting “choose your own” adventures, and just enough technology to keep our modern kids interested. While the box itself appears relatively low-tech, the inner workings appeal to our gadget-driven society. As a 42-year-old woman, I am utterly fascinated by what Lunii has created and can definitely see the appeal for children of all ages!


Encourage Imaginations with My Fabulous Storyteller by Lunii

At first glance, My Fabulous Storyteller looks fairly simple. That’s kind of the point. It’s easy enough for even the youngest kids to figure out without a lot of help from you. The front of the box consists of three buttons and a dial.

Children use the dial to choose their hero, setting, and so on (more on that in a moment). The buttons are self-explanatory, even for kids as young as three (my son knew what a pause and home button was by the time he was a toddler, and that was a decade ago before half of today’s gadgets were invented).

Stimulate Your Child's Imagination Without Screens with My Fabulous Storyteller!


As I said, the outside of the box is simple enough for little kids to understand. It’s also big enough that it won’t get lost in a toy box, yet super lightweight so it doesn’t weight down a travel bag. It doesn’t take batteries, but rather uses a USB cable to connect to a computer to charge. Don’t worry, it charges pretty fast.

The cover is made of silicone, so it can stand up to your kids (and my klutziness). It’s also super easy to clean if it gets covered in goo from sticky little fingers! While the outside is fabulous, the real magic happens when you turn on My Fabulous Storyteller, though!


Create imaginative stories with the turn of a dial

My Fabulous Storyteller lets your child create imaginative stories simply by turning a dial to select the key elements. They’ll choose the hero (a boy or a girl), then the setting (castle, forest, or under the sea). They’ll also choose someone that they’ll meet along the way and an object. These last two are customized depending on the setting.

Stimulate Your Child's Imagination Without Screens with My Fabulous Storyteller!

Once your child is happy with their selections, they click the OK button to hear that they helped create narrated. My Fabulous Storyteller comes with 48 possible “Susan and Ben” stories right off the bat and out of the box. You can also install the computer app (no mobile version yet) and download hundreds more stories.

While most of the additional stories do cost money, by connecting to the app you will get 6 soothing bedtime stories for free. Another cool thing: you can download new stories in other languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, and German. This is fabulous if you’re trying to teach your kids a new language!

I love My Fabulous Storyteller because it really helps kids develop imagination and may even be encouraging future writers. When kids get to choose the characters, setting, and other elements, they feel more connected to the story.

Ben and Susan aren’t just characters in a tale, they are characters that your child chose. When their character reaches the antagonist or comes into contact with the chosen object, kids recognize them better and think, “hey, that’s the mushroom!”

Stimulate Your Child's Imagination Without Screens with My Fabulous Storyteller!

Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller is relatively new to the US. They’ve successfully launched in France, where they became a best-seller. They’re working on spreading through Europe and the United States now. While My Fabulous Storyteller is already robust and fully-functioned, expect to see new features pop up in the future.

If you’re looking for a screen-free way to encourage your child’s imagination, My Fabulous Storyteller makes the perfect unique gift for kids ages 3+. It’s a must-have travel companion and for helping children fall asleep when you’re on the go. Visit their website for more information. Follow Lunii on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up with news.

My Fabulous Storyteller is now available on Amazon. Check it out here!

Ready to buy? Head over to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) to buy it in the US. You can also buy it in the physical MOMA. I will let you know if/when more retailers are added.

Check out My Fabulous Storyteller now!