Need an inexpensive way to update a room? You’ll be surprised by how much the right modern floor lamp can totally redefine your living space! Read on for my top ten favorite floor lamps from Brightech that make a brilliant statement without costing a fortune (or taking up a ton of space).

Need an inexpensive way to update a room? You'll be surprised by how much the right modern floor lamp can totally redefine your living space! Read on for my top ten favorite floor lamps from Brightech that make a brilliant statement without costing a fortune (or taking up a ton of space).


5 Modern Floor Lamps You’ll Love

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1. Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp

Sparq arc floor lamp

The Sparq arc floor lamp is heading my way as we speak, and I can’t wait to see how it looks in my reading room! I love the thin curved design and how it kind of looks like it’s floating in the air. The 2,000 lumens make it bright enough to read your favorite book, but it’s still gentle on the eyes.

It comes with a built-in 15-watt long-lasting energy-saving LED light that will last you more than 20 years (meaning you won’t have to replace it for a very long time). It has a built-in dimmer foot pedal so that you can easily adjust it between three different levels.

Check it out here

2. Wave Lamp

The Wave LED Floor Lamp with its futuristic spiral stands at 43″ tall and has a foot pedal that lets you control the light setting. The LED light is 1350, making it bright enough to light up even the darkest room in your house. The light spans the full length of the wave, so it’s a good choice if you need to be able to see into a corner low to the ground. With the 8″ base diameter, it fits just about anywhere you need it.

Check it out here

3. Kuler Sky Lamp

Kuler Sky Lamp Smart Floor Lamp from Brightech

My son has the Kuler Sky Lamp in his bedroom and it’s really just fantastic. I love it because it takes up very little space in his cramped room. He loves it because he can change the color through the app on his phone. It doesn’t just change to a couple of different colors, either! You can make it pretty much any shade you can imagine. Along with changing the color, you can also change the brightness all the way up or down for each color. On the brightest white setting, it mimics the power of a 100-watt incandescent bulb, but only actually draws 30 watts. Take a peek at my full review here.

Get it Here

4. Eclipse LED Floor Lamp

Eclipse - LED Floor Lamp: Very Bright & Dimmable Light For Living Room

Step into the future with the Eclipse floor lamp! This one is high on my list of favorite Brightech lamps. It’s modern and minimalist, yet still elegant and cool. The two circular lights can move in multiple directions, letting you cast the LED lighting to just where you need it. The built-in dimmer button allows you to change it to 3 different levels. If you’re short on floor space, the Eclipse is an ideal option because the base is just 9″ in diameter.

Get it Here

5. Embrace Modern LED Floor Lamp

Another one that has a very futuristic look, the Embrace looks more like a piece of modern art than a lamp. It’s also one of the most versatile lamps on this list. With a few twists of the screws, you can transform it from a floor lamp to a table lamp! This one isn’t as bright as some of the others, with 16 watt LED lights. It’s bright enough to provide a little background light while watching TV, or to illuminate a dark corner of your bedroom.

Get it Here

Why Shop Brightech for Your Lighting Needs

Whether you love one of these modern floor lamps or prefer something more along the lines of a classic table lamp, Brightech is really a fantastic place to shop for all your lighting needs. See, unlike mass retailers that sell “disposable” lamps (ones that inevitably break within 6 months), Brightech’s sole purpose in life is to create and sell long-lasting lighting solutions that really transform your space.

From futuristic bright lights that look like sculptures to ambient 1-watt solar string lights, from shelf/drawer/lamp combos to small table lamps with built-in USB chargers, Brightech has the lamp you never even knew you were dreaming about.

If that’s not reason enough to shop at Brightech, here are a few more that may convince you:

  • Free shipping on US orders over $50
  • Lamps come with a long-lasting energy-saving LED bulb (in many cases, it’s built right in).
  • Easy assembly! I’ve assembled two so far- the Lumen and the Maxwell Drawer Shelf Lamp. I thought for sure the second one would be a pain, but it was actually super simple!
  • 5-year warranty

All of that, plus super reasonable prices! Consider this when shopping: the LED bulb won’t need to be replaced for about two decades. Make sure you factor that into the price. I looked around a bit, and some of the larger 16-watt LED bulbs go for $25+.

Head over to Brightech and check out all their awesome lamps & lights, then read on for a chance to win the Sparq arc floor lamp!





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