What makes Penguin CBD oil stand out from a sea of CBD brands? I tried out two of their edible products- gummies and sublingual oil- to find out. Read on for my full review.

What makes Penguin CBD oil stand out from a sea of CBD brands? I tried out two of their edible products- gummies and sublingual oil- to find out. Read on for my full review.

*Quick notes- Penguin CBD sent me the aforementioned products in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are entirely my own. This post also uses affiliate links. Also, none of this is meant as medical advice. Use common sense, talk to your doctor before trying ANY supplement, especially if you have a medical condition.

As more and more research studies come out regarding the potential benefits of CBD oil (you can find a whole bunch of them here), it seems like a new brand selling it pops up every day. It’s hard to figure out which ones are actually worthy of your money and which are just made by fly-by-night marketers looking to cash in quick before moving on to the next big thing. So, with that in mind, whenever I try out a new brand- especially one that I’m reviewing- I ask myself a few specific questions:

  • What makes this brand stand out? What’s their story, mission, and background?
  • Does it work for me?
  • What do they offer in terms of form (creams, edible oils or gummies, etc)?
  • How does it taste (if it’s in edible form, obviously)?
  • Is it worth the money? (or, in the case of reviews, would I buy it with my own money in the future?)

If you want the TL;DR Penguin CBD Oil review, the answers to the first four questions are: “yes, yes, amazing, absolutely.” The last one isn’t so easily summed up, sorry. You’ll just have to read on for the longer version. 🙂

Penguin CBD Oil Review: More Than Just Super Cute Packaging!

Let’s go right down the line and see how Penguin CBD answers each of my questions. Since I always read the “about” page first before I even consider buying or reviewing a product, that’s the best place to start. Or, you can just skim through the headings until you find what you want to read first.

What makes Penguin CBD oil stand out from a sea of CBD brands? I tried out two of their edible products- gummies and sublingual oil- to find out. Read on for my full review.

What’s the story behind Penguin CBD Oil?

I’ve been doing this (reviewing) for a long time now and I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a brand by where they position their “Mission Statement” on their page. Brands that are proud of their work make their “about us” super easy to find. They want you to know who they are, want to earn your trust by telling you their story. Penguin CBD has “Our Story” front and center. I mean that literally- it’s in the middle of their navigation menu at the top of their page.

There, you’ll learn who they are, why they choose to name their brand after Penguins (because they’re super chill), and how their CBD is made. That last one is important, so let’s dig into it. You can read the rest over on their site.

How do they make their CBD Oil?

Penguin started their company in 2019, so they are young. Don’t let that scare you, though. They put together a team of enthusiastic experts across every field, from farmers to lab techs. All of their hemp comes from Oregon, where eco-conscious farmers grow crops using sustainable methods, and absolutely no pesticides.

When that hemp arrives in their lab, Penguin uses state-of-the-art CO2 extraction technology that “preserves the natural compounds of the plant, including the beneficial terpenes, while filtering out all traces of THC from the product.” In other words, the stuff that used to get you all wonked out when you and “Mary Jane” were best buds in college. 😀

Once the process is complete, Penguin packages everything up in that cute packaging that I can’t seem to stop mentioning and delivers it straight to your door, keeping you updated on its delivery progress every step of the way. Oh, for those who actually understand chemistry, they also make all of their lab reports public.

What types of products does Penguin CBD offer?

Real quick, before we dive into the products that I tried, let’s just take a peek at their full line. Again, you can find all of this right at the top of their page, under “Shop,” so I’ll keep it brief.

What makes Penguin CBD oil stand out from a sea of CBD brands? I tried out two of their edible products- gummies and sublingual oil- to find out. Read on for my full review.

CBD Oil (Edible)

Penguin offers some of the typical flavors, like citrus, mint and strawberry, plus one unique flavor that really intrigued me- Cookies & Cream. They also have “natural” without any added flavors. I believe the Cookies and Cream is the only one that uses artificial flavoring. I don’t have a problem with that, but as I said, if you do, you can always get one of the other flavors (or no flavor at all).

The oils come in three strengths- 250, 600 and 1,000 mg.


Along with the Cookies and Cream oil, I also tried the gummies, so we’ll talk about them more in a minute. For now, know that they come in one size and you get 30 sour worms, each with 10mg of CBD.


Can’t stand the taste of CBD no matter how well it’s disguised? No problem, take it in capsule form. Like the gummies, each bottle comes with 30 10mg doses of CBD oil. They’re completely devoid of flavor, and you can just swallow them with water. No need to hold it under your tongue or anything.


If you want to avoid taking CBD oil internally or need to target one specific area (like your back or shoulder), Penguin’s CBD cream may be your best bet. Along with a total of 250 mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil, it contains peppermint, lavender, and tea tree essential oils, for a powerful combination.

All of their products come with a 30-day guarantee. If you don’t like them for some reason, you can return them and get your money back within that window. Again, on each product page, you’ll find a link to their 3rd party lab results. Let’s move on to see how the two that I tried worked for me.

Does Penguin CBD Oil work for me?

Funny story. Well, not ha-ha funny, at least to me, but more of “coincidence funny.” I have a large and fairly rocky backyard. I try to walk the perimeter about 20 times a day to get some exercise. Also, I am a klutz. That’s important. Just two weeks ago, I was rather proudly patting myself on the back for managing to NOT trip over something and fall down for almost a full year. Then, it happened.

I was lost in thought, pondering the meaning of life (because I’m that deep) when a huge rock just jumped in front of my path! It gave a maniacally evil laugh as it put out its little rock foot and tripped me!  What a jerk, right? Anyway, I twisted my ankle, hit my knee, and jarred my shoulder. None of these injuries were “trip to the ER to get checked out” bad, but they definitely hurt!

That very same day, my Penguin package came in the mail. So, I popped open the gummies and popped one in my mouth. Now, I’m not saying it completely took away my ouchies, but within 20 minutes, my shoulder stopped hurting entirely while my knee and ankle went down to a dull mild ache that only hurt when I stood up. Over the next week, I tried both the oil and gummies. Here’s a rundown of how they work for my cornucopia of issues:

  • Chronic back pain from herniated discs– made it manageable enough to tolerate sitting and working all day
  • Headaches- manages my tension headaches pretty well. As for migraines, mine are atypical and nothing touches them, but it does put a dent in them, and that’s definitely not nothing.
  • Wrist pain (bilateral carpal tunnel plus tendinitis in my left hand)- almost completely manages it even when I’m spending all day typing, I’d say 95% improvement.
  • Anxiety- completely manages my “normal” anxiety on most days, significantly reduces panic attack intensity on my tougher days.

Are these results typical? I have no idea. I can’t promise anything or tell you how well Penguin CBD oil will work for you, I can only tell you how it helped me.

How does it taste?

colorful Penguin CBD Oil Sour gummies

The very first time I ever tried CBD oil, I bought a cheap brand sold in a local convenience store that tasted so gross. I couldn’t even keep it in my mouth for one second, let alone 30-60 of them. I tried mixing it with other things, but the taste was still overwhelmingly awful. That bottle is still sitting almost completely full in a drawer somewhere. So, I’m always really nervous about trying edible forms of CBD.

Let me tell you, Penguin’s Cookies and Cream CBD oil is freaking awesome. The flavor really fills your entire mouth and tastes exactly like the ice cream that it’s named after. It is sooooo good. The gummies are super yummy, too. They’re just the right combination of sweet and sour. Both completely mask the taste of the CBD oil itself, which some would call “earthy and grassy,” which to me is just a nicer way of saying “tastes like you’re chewing on a hemp plant covered in dirt.”

Is Penguin CBD Oil worth the money?

Put all of the above together and you have a great-tasting product that works really well (for me, anyway) from a trustworthy eco-conscious brand. So, yes, I’d say Penguin CBD is definitely worth the money. In fact, I will buy from them again when my complimentary products run out, and I’m recommending them to someone close to me dealing with cancer and chemo side effects (after she talks to her doctor about it, of course).

The prices are super fair and about average for a quality CBD product. Expect to pay $45 for the gummies, capsules, and $55 for the cream. The oils range from $45 for the 250 mg bottle to $105 for 1,000 mg. Or, you can subscribe for automatic monthly shipments and save 15%. All US orders ship free. Plus, remember, they also have that 30-day full refund policy. So, you have nothing to lose by trying them out.

Visit Penguin’s website to check out all of their products and learn more about their story. I also recommend checking out their blog, where they discuss CBD legality across the US (along with a general post, it looks like they’re working their way through all 50 states and they’re currently up to New Mexico).

What is CBD exactly?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It’s a naturally occurring compound in the cannabis plant.

Does CBD oil get you high?

No. CBD oil doesn’t contain enough (or any, depending on the brand) THC to result in that “high” feeling.

Is CBD legal?

As of 2021, CBD oil is legal in every state, although each state has its own rules regarding THC content, where the CBD is sourced from, and so on. Check with your state’s laws to be safe.

Does CBD make you sleepy?

For some people, yes. For others, no. It really depends on how your body reacts to it. It doesn’t make me tired, which is something considering even “non-drowsy” meds knock me out.

Have you tried Penguin CBD oil? Do you have anything else to add? Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below.