There’s a new superhero on television this year. She’s called Stargirl, and you can find her show on The CW. There are relatively few episodes in the series because its trailer and pilot just came out in the Spring, but the show has already attracted a loyal following. Who is Stargirl, and why is she such a popular character? As you get to know more about her background, her struggles, and her alter-ego, it’ll become easier for you to understand why Stargirl is such a great new show for families.

Courtney Whitmore

At first glance, Courtney appears to be a high school sophomore trying to adjust after moving to a new school. She has some struggles with her stepfather and with the kids at her new school.

However, in addition to this drama, Courtney also has to deal with the challenges of becoming a superhero and pulling together the Justice League. This character becomes even more lovable when you learn that she is based on writer and executive director Geoff Johnssister, who died three years before the character’s creation.

Courtney’s Family

Courtney starts out in California with her mom. She never really knew her dad but was hesitant to accept a stepfather. Her stepfather, Pat Dugan, has a son named Mike who isn’t really interested in a sibling relationship with Courtney. He’d rather spend time on video games and similar age-related pursuits. Although there are typical stepfamily challenges, the Dugans and Whitmores soon start building a fairly positive new family dynamic. Eventually, Stargirl faces off against Courtney’s biological father, putting an end to any desire she had to pursue a father-daughter relationship with him.


Courtney Whitmore didn’t know she was destined to be a superhero. Her “normal” life took a turn when her mother remarried a man named Pat Dugan. As a result, Courtney had to leave behind her school and friends to move to a small Nebraska town. One day shortly after the move, Courtney was rummaging through a box of her stepfather’s belongings when she found a superhero costume which she then wore to a school dance to annoy him. However, the “costume” was actually a superhero suit which gave its wearer certain superpowers. This sparks a change in the relationship between Courtney and Dugan, as well as a big change in Courtney’s life.

Courtney’s transformation from high school sophomore to superhero takes center stage in the show’s storyline. It isn’t always easy for Courtney/Stargirl to recognize the consequences of using her powers or to work out the best course of action. To be fair, a lot of adult superheroes deal with these dilemmas as well. However, Stargirl does become a committed member of the Justice League and consistently works to improve herself and her abilities.

Cosmic Powers

Courtney was already talented in gymnastics and martial arts before she put on the Cosmic Converter Belt and the Cosmic Staff, but when she does, she gains superior physical powers. She gains super strength, enhanced physical abilities, the ability to create energy blasts, and the ability to fly. She is a well-rounded superhero with character traits that include responsibility, a desire to improve, and concern for the people around her.

The Villains

Naturally, you need supervillains when you’re talking about a superhero, right? How else do you bring chaos and violence to the peaceful communities where the heroes reside. In Blue Valley, the Nebraska community where Courtney lives, Stargirl faces off with villains such as Icicle, Brainwave, Tigress, Sportsmaster, and the Dragon King. And those are just the beginning!

Are you ready to try out a new superhero television series? If you and your family are looking for something to take your mind off of life’s difficulties, Stargirl may be just the television show for you.