While vaping isn’t my preferred method of using CBD oil, I do know that quite a few people prefer it over edibles or creams. Below is a guide from a friend on how to use them, how to make them last longer, and what you can do to save some money on them.

What You Need to Know About Using CBD Cartridges

Vaping is not a budget-friendly habit under most circumstances, but cartridges can prove to be expensive depending on how you use them and the frequency. These come prefilled with your choice of strain, strengths, flavors, sizes, and so on so that you can enjoy a unique recreational experience with each cartridge or choose a strain and stay with one that works based around a wellness routine.

Cannabidiol boasts therapeutic properties meant to assist with symptoms for health and wellness. Depending on the CBD cartridges, you can receive more of those health benefits from one tank by extending its lifespan through proper management techniques. It can take time and practice, but it’s merely a matter of fine-tuning your delivery method when consuming the compound.

Extending The Life Of Your CBD Cartridge

As CBD gains steam as one of the most popular trends, with vapes and smoking gradually becoming a preference for consumption with the masses, there’s a lot of people interested in at least trying the products. Vaping is one of the most used delivery methods, but it can also prove to be expensive for the prefilled cartridges.

Once you gain a little experience with your technique, it’s possible to improve the “life cycle” of your tank.

If you use a few tricks and listen to some simple tips, you can potentially maximize your CBD vape cartridge use. Look here for guidance on buying new cartridges.

*Please note that this isn’t medical advice. If you decide to use the vape method, talk to your doctor first.

 Inhaling the Vapor

There is no CBD absorbed when vapor sits in your mouth for those who prefer vaping from mouth to lungs. The suggestion is that you should attempt inhalation of the vapor straight to the lungs so that you get more use from the tank. This technique takes time to perfect, but once you’re able to, it boasts the most effective.

After Deeply Inhaling, Maintain the Substance In The Lungs For A Period

CBD oil absorbs in a limited capacity inside the lungs, so inhaling a few times deeply when vaping will give you the optimum results. Once you have the lungs full, it’s essential to maintain that capacity for approximately 10 seconds before releasing. When done right, you should see minimal vapor when exhaling.

It’s essential when inhaling to pull with force. The greater the forced inhalation, the more absorption you’ll achieve.

 Alternate Between Oil And Flower 

Alternating between flower cartridges and CBD oil will prevent you from developing a tolerance to the point where you need to invest in more tanks in an effort to achieve what are typical results for you. By switching it up, it keeps your tolerance at a manageable level.

If you aren’t as fond of vaping with CBD flowers as you are with the oil, merely take a break periodically. That will allow your tolerance to dip back down.

Coil Temperature Is Vital 

It’s a wise investment for a device with an adjustable temperature. Go to this link for other features you should look for when investing in cartridges.

Different levels of heat will affect the amount of oil burned with each session and how much CBD you receive. Start low and work up until you find the ideal setting.

Storage Directives Need Following Closely

Storing the tanks in the right location is critical and not because these will expire or spoil. CBD cartridges need to go in a cool, dry area, or they lose strength, and you won’t receive the full benefit of the compound. With sun exposure, cannabidiol can potentially go through “passive evaporation,” making the substance less effective.

Final Thoughts

One thing some users might not think about is when you believe your cartridge is empty – it isn’t always. Many consumers throw tanks away with product still remaining. Even if it’s not visible, it doesn’t mean the container is entirely dry. Much of the compound can stick to the sides of the cartridge.

Before throwing any of your tanks away, take a day or two with the tank turned upside down on a saucer letting the oil drip to the surface. It might be surprising how much you actually have remaining that you could have simply tossed away.

These might be expensive, but with enough research on how to use them, learning different tricks and tips, and practicing your technique, you’ll be able to extend the life cycle for your CBD vape cartridges and save on your budget. Once again, please talk to your doctor before trying CBD oil in any form. Honestly, that goes for everything from CBD to herbal remedies and even to vitamins.