CBD oil is becoming more and more popular by the moment for us humans, and for good reason. So many people have reported amazing experiences with it for everything from chronic pain to anxiety.

The fact that hemp products interact well with humans suggests that it is also beneficial to pets. As of now, experts are testing CBD on animals and are reporting positive results. In this piece, you’ll learn the benefits of hemp for pets, as well as the recommended dosage. You’ll also discover how to find quality cannabis products for your furry companions. Let’s dive in.

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CBD oil for pets facts

Before we start, just a quick note: this is NOT medical advice. Please talk to your vet or a holistic (yet qualified) pet health professional before trying CBD oil for your pets. While studies show that it is typically safe overall, every creature is different.

What Benefits Does CBD Oil Offer to my Pets?

CBD, which is the same as cannabidiol, is extracted from the buds of a cannabis plant. Studies have shown that irrespective of its source, it is safe and healthy for consumption. Reports suggest that individuals who use CBD oil experience excellent results as well.

More studies are currently ongoing on the effects of CBD on pets. Some of them have brought back positive results. The research has suggested that cannabidiol might be more beneficial in the lives of pets. Anecdotal evidence shows that it can help alleviate symptoms certain medical conditions, including chronic inflammation, seizures, epilepsy, tension and anxieties, and several neurological conditions. It may also with certain skin diseases.

In fact, vets believe that CBD can be even more helpful in the lives of pets than humans. In humans, it is known to treat depression, insomnia, glaucoma, indigestion, etc. Because CBD affects animals and humans in similarly, researchers are trying to deduce if it also helps animals in the methods mentioned above.

Even at this moment, research is being led to define the complete potency of CBD oil in pets. Below are some of the potential benefits currently under investigation regarding the effects of cannabidiol for cats and dogs.

  • Manages Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Relieves stress and depression
  • Relieves pain brought on by chronic inflammation
  • Help with epileptic seizures
  • Remedy’s skin condition, especially spots
  • Therapy for insomnia
  • Controls symptoms of after cancer treatment, mainly in dogs


How to Know the Right Dosage to Administer to my Pets?

To get the best out of your cannabis oil, you have to prescribe the right dosage. For this reason, it is vital to find out the correct dosage before administering hemp to your pets. Most hemp providers have a chart for dosage structured to make it simple to use. It will tell enable you to deduce the right dose to help your furry friends.

So, make sure to check your provider’s website to note the dosage information. There is also useful information on the product’s label.

If you aren’t certain of the right CBD dosage, seek the help of a professional. A vet that prescribes cannabis oil to pet owners will certainly provide the recommended dosage for it. You have to note that canines might need larger doses.

While your vet will give you more guidance on timing, overall it is best to administer your CBD in minute doses. If there aren’t any notable changes, you then increase the quantity (never exceeding the max dosage, of course).

You should also remember that the concentration of solution depends on the bottle’s concentration. It changes with different products and brands. For example, if you have 30ml of the oil, and it holds 150ml of CBD, one millimeter would be 50 milligrams of CBD.

If you’re administering 25mg of CBD oil to your furry friends, you want to use one drop a time and increase the dosage gradually.

Tips for Identifying Quality Pet CBD?

When it comes to prescribing hemp oil to your pets, quality is essential. Below are things you should note when in search of quality hemp products:


You’d find many providers of cannabis products, but only a few provide quality ones. For this reason, your provider must present a certificate for their products. A certificate will prove that the seller’s product meets all the safety requirements.

Also, ensure that the certificate is from a registered laboratory. This way, you will rest assured that the paper-work is authentic and not manipulated.

Remember to read up on reviews online. It will tell you how likely it is they’ll deliver on their promise.

Go for the “Full-Spectrum” 

The range of cannabidiol oil is the best hemp oil on the market. It is highly beneficial, and it offers therapeutic benefits.

It is much more beneficial than isolated oil. It contains terpenes and flavonoids that work to provide remarkable results.

Most dispensaries recommend this oil rather than the isolate. So, make sure you get those. You can find more here about the different extracts available.

How About THC Content? 

Experts have stated that the recommended level of THC in safe cannabidiol is 0.03%. So, it is best to check the labels of your product for THC levels before buying them.

The best sources of hemp-derived products partner with reputable farms for their supplies. Reputable farms make sure they produce organic hemp products.

They use the best techniques when extracting cannabidiol from the hemp plant to ensure that the products are free from harmful toxins that can harm consumers.

So,  it’s time you integrate it into the lives of your furry companions (after talking to your vet, of course).