I’m always on the hunt for eco-conscious laundry products that actually work AND won’t wreak havoc on my family’s sensitive skin. When Tru Earth offered to send me some of their Laundry Eco-Strips to try out, I was super intrigued to see how they work. Could a strip of paper really clean an entire load of laundry? Short answer: yes. Read on for the long answer, including the “how” and “how well.”

Tru Earth Laundry Eco-Strips Review

In case it wasn’t clear above, Tru Earth sent me a package of their Eco-Strips to try out in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts with you.

So, let me start by saying that the very fact that I’m writing a 1,500-word review about laundry detergent is a testament to how innovative a product it really is. I’m super picky about what I even accept for review these days, and laundry detergent has to be extremely intriguing to make catch my attention. Little strips of paper that clean your clothes definitely caught my attention.

Tru Earth actually sent me a far more generous package that I was expecting. It may not look like it, but the box in the picture below holds like 160 loads worth of laundry detergent. 

Tru Earth Laundry Eco-Strips Review-1

How cool is that? Even the shipping package helps save the planet. I mean, can you imagine having 160 loads worth of liquid or powder detergent shipped to you? The box would be huge!

Of course, even the world’s smallest package would be wasteful if what’s inside it doesn’t work, right? So, let’s get to the real reason you’re here: to find out if they’re worth trying. For that answer, we need to look at the pros as well as the cons (because nothing in this world is perfect). First, a very quick overview of what they are, in case you stumbled upon this review and have zero idea what I’m going on about.

What, exactly, are Eco-Strips?

Tru Earth Laundry Eco-Strips varieties

What are Tru Earth Eco-Strips and how on earth does a piece of paper clean your laundry? Per their own words, “Each Tru Earth eco-strip packs ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly cleaning power into a tiny, pre-measured strip of detergent that you just toss in the wash.” Sounds pretty straight-forward, right? It really is that simple. You tear off a strip, throw it in the wash, and go do whatever it is you do while waiting for your wash cycle to end.


Let’s start with what I absolutely love about these nifty laundry strips. Here’s a quick overview for those who like their info in pretty bullet-point format.

  • The obvious: it’s far (far, far, far) more eco-friendly than liquid laundry soap. The entire package is zero-waste (you can even compost it).
  • Super easy to use– just tear off a strip and throw it in with your clothes.
  • Easy to adjust for different load sizes. Use half a strip for a teeny load or two for a ginormous one.
  • Works in every type of washing machine, from front to top loads and even HE machines.
  • It’s for-real hypoallergenic (like, “certified by independent dermatologists” hypoallergenic).
  • It’s paraben-free, phosphate-free, and cruelty-free.

Let’s get into a bit more detail about those pros, shall we?


Everything from the packaging to the strips themselves are kinder and gentler on the planet than traditional jugs of laundry detergent. Aside from the carboard box that it arrives in (which is recyclable), Eco-Strips are an absolutely ZERO WASTE laundry detergent. You can even throw the sleeve into your compost heap when you’re done with it. As for the strip itself, it’s roughly the size of a business card.

a single Tru Earth Laundry Eco-Strip on my clean laundry


Ever buy a product that claims to be great for sensitive skin only to use it and end up with flaming-red flesh that itches and burns and makes you rue the day you were born? No? Just me? Well, in any case, I can’t promise that no one on the planet will have that type of reaction to Eco-Strips (I’m not a doctor and I don’t make medical claims).

However, I can tell you that Tru Earth actually went through the trouble of asking independent dermatologists to certify that their laundry detergent is hypoallergenic before saying that it is. I can also tell you from experience that neither me nor my son experienced any problems, and we both have what one would call “psychotically sensitive” skin.

Eco-Strips are devoid of all the things that usually cause our skin to go batpoop crazy, like parabens, phosphate, added dyes, bleach and other harsh chemicals. Heck, they’re even free of things I’ve never heard of, like 1,4-dioxane.

You can find a full list of Tru Earth laundry strips ingredients here.


If you’re not a fan of laundry soap with so much fragrance that you can smell it two floors away, you’ll love Eco-Strips. While two of the three varieties do have added fragrance, it’s super-duper low-key. If you stick your nose right up to your shirt, you can smell it. Other than that, your clothes just smell clean-clean versus “I just rolled in a field of flowers for an hour” clean.

They also have a Fragrance-Free variety. Keep in mind that fragrance-free is NOT the same thing as “unscented.” The McGill Office for Science and Society has a good explanation of fragrance-free vs. unscented, if you’re curious about the difference. Basically, though, this variety has no added fragrances– either natural or synthetic. It does have a faint aroma from the ingredients. Very, very faint.


Animals shouldn’t be harmed just so we can have clean clothes or look prettier. If you agree, you’ll be happy to know that Eco-Strips are entirely vegan-friendly. None of the ingredients are tested on animals. Not by them nor by their suppliers.

And, of course, laundry-friendly

Hypoallergenic cruelty-free laundry detergent is useless if it will destroy your washing machine or leave your clothes all gross and dirty. Eco-Strips are kind and gentle on all types of washing machines.

The strips completely dissolve in both hot and cold water. That’s important because I never wash anything in hot water. Ever. There’s really no need for it, but that’s a whole different conversation.

Most important of all, they work. You put dirty clothes in and take clean clothes out. I don’t really know how much more I can expand on that. I’m not running my clothes under a black light or anything here. I just know that my clothes are at least as clean as they are when I used liquid, pods, and powders.

If you’re more of a “show, don’t tell” type of learner, their video below covers quite a few of the pros (as well as a few others) I just talked about:


I really didn’t find many cons, and nothing that I’d call a major deal breaker drawback for me. Still, like I said, nothing in this world is 100% perfect.

  • Costs more than your average liquid detergent.
  • As mentioned above, there is no completely unscented variety.
  • Some Amazon customers complained that it didn’t clean their heavily soiled clothes.

We already addressed the whole fragrance-free vs. unscented thing, and I’ll address cost in a moment. Let’s talk about that last one.

So, if you look at the overall reviews and ratings on any of their products on Amazon, you’ll notice that out of thousands of reviews, only about 7% of them fall within the 1-2 star rating. A whopping 70+% are 5-stars, and 22% are in the 3-4 star range.

The biggest complaint from the 1-star people are about the aforementioned scent thing, followed by people complaining that it didn’t fully clean the white socks that they walk around in all day or their heavily soiled work clothes.

Look, I walk around in socks 24-7, year round (yes, even in the summer, it’s a whole big anxiety thing that would take hours to explain). Usually, they’re white knee socks (again, a whole big thing). I’ve yet to find a single detergent that returns my dirty soles to their pristine new condition. Not a single one. Period.

It’s unreasonable to expect ANY laundry detergent that isn’t bleach to completely whiten your dirty, crusty socks. Heck, even bleach sometimes doesn’t do that! Eco-Strips “restore radiant whites” yes, but within reason. They get out tough stains within reason.  Like I said earlier, my clothes were as clean as I expected them to be. At least as clean as they get when I use liquid detergent.

So, if you’re expecting impossible miracles, yeah, you’ll be disappointed. If you have logical expectations of a laundry detergent, then you won’t be. Plain and simple.

I’ll address the cost in the where to buy” below.

Tru Earth Laundry Strips Cost + Where to Buy

Tru Earth Eco-strips Laundry Detergent : Do These Neat Little Strips REALLY Clean Your Clothes?

Short answer: yes, absolutely. The eco-friendliness and hypoallergenic factor alone make it worth trying. However, like I said, it does cost more than the average leading liquid. Don’t worry, though; there are ways to get that cost down.

First, where to buy: You can buy it directly from the Tru Earth store or through Amazon. If you go through Amazon, that’s an affiliate link (which means I make a small commission at no extra charge to you, blah blah blah).

As much as I’d love to tell you to buy through Amazon (so I can get the kickback), honestly, their shop has the better subscription deal. With Amazon’s “Subscribe & Save,” you’ll knock 10-15% off the price. Through their shop, you’ll save 35% if you subscribe. Both options offer no commitment (cancel any time).

It does ship free with Prime on Amazon, but you can also get free shipping through their shop with a subscription. Again, no commitment. If you try it and hate it, you can cancel the subscription. They also offer a money-back guarantee, but with the usual caveats (you have to send it back to them to get your refund).

Buy Eco-Strips on the Tru Earth shop here, or check out the table below for the options on Amazon.


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