Every woman has that special dress hanging in her closet. You know the one I’m talking about, right? There is this unique feeling you get whenever you rock that gown and see heads turning as you walk down the road. It’s casual enough for a first date or to wear to dinner on vacation. Then, with a few tweaks, it transforms into a gown fit for a gala.

To create the perfect fashion statement with your special dress, you need to keep a few things in mind. Let’s discuss a few simple ways to totally rock that sexy gown!

Make it yours with accessories

Every Woman Has a Special Dress. Here's How to Rock Yours.

Unless you had it custom-made just for you, chances are thousands of other women have your exact “special dress” hanging in their own closet. So, how do you make it YOURS, even if your BFF showed up wearing exactly the same thing? It’s all about accessories, darling! A sleek pair of heels that accentuate your long legs (if you have them, which I don’t!), a stunning pendant that calls attention to your sleek neckline…whatever works for you!

Accessories can definitely add a new fashion language to your outfit. However, keep in mind that it becomes an eyesore when its excessive. Now honestly, I would never tell you what to wear- or what not to wear. If you WANT to go full-on bling, go for it. If you’re not really sure, though, what’s “enough” and what’s “overkill,” here’s my suggestion: choose just ONE bold statement piece that really screams you. Then, for the rest of your accessories, go with something simple.

On the other hand, feel free to go big and bold

On the other hand, if you want to go big and bold from head to to, go for it. Your neighbor thinks your outfit is hard on her eyes? Who cares? Your mom thinks it’s too loud? That’s on her. Dad thinks you’re not leaving enough to the imagination? So what! It’s not the 18th century anymore. We’re well beyond the point where anyone has the right to tell us women what to wear. Or, at least, we should be!

Look, it’s your life. And as long as you are happy, and feel great about yourself, forget what others say.  There is no harm in trying something new. That little bit of advice will help you stretch out- figuratively speaking, as literally would be awful- that special little dress and transform it into the perfect outfit for literally any occasion. Just try something new.

Whatever you choose, go forth with confidence

Whether you decide to keep that little dress simple and just accentuate it with a sleek pair of earrings or go for the bold and accessorize from head to toe, there’s one thing that makes the whole look perfect: you. As long as you walk- no, make that STRUT- forth with confidence, you’ll rock that special dress. Period.

Every Woman Has a Special Dress. Here's How to Rock Yours.

Bottom Line

Bottom line, once you find the right sexy dress to wear, just do what feels right to make it truly yours. Remember, even if one million other women are currently wearing the same exact gown, not a single one rocks it quite like you do!