A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how CSN stores offered me a $50 credit to choose an item for review. I went back and forth trying to decide between something for myself or something for my son. While he really does need more craft supplies, I’ve been sleeping with the same Snoogle c-shaped body pillow since I was pregnant with him, and he’ll be 6 this June. So for once, I took the selfish route and got something for myself.  I got the Deluxe Comfort Body Pillow and finally threw out that ancient Snoogle.

Now, I know these pillows are designed for pregnant women, and that was the reason I originally got this type of pillow, but ever since I bought it I haven’t been able to sleep without it. After six years, my original one was scratchy, bunched up in some spots and completely “deflated” in others. So I was very excited to get this pillow. I checked my mail daily after I received the shipment notification, which came a day after I placed the order.

Unfortunately, it took well over a week to get to me due to a mix-up in the warehouse. My pillow was marked as “shipped” but never made it on the truck. Had I called earlier, it would have been resolved. But I waited a week to see if it would correct itself. When I called CSN, the agent I spoke to was really wonderful- polite, helpful, apologetic. This in no way sullies my view of CSN because these things happen from time to time, and they took care of it super-fast.

So the pillow finally arrived yesterday, and I’ve had a chance to sleep with it. My son ceremoniously tossed my old pillow on the floor, declaring it unfit even for the dogs. The Deluxe Comfort Body Pillow is one of the lower priced body pillows of this style. It’s not filled with anything fancy, I think it’s just regular fiber fill (on that note, I wish there was a label on it somewhere that said what was in it and how to wash it). But it’s comfortable, far more comfortable than my old pillow. The only complaint I have is that I wish it was slightly wider. It is a little thinner than it looks in the picture. Bottom line- if you want a relatively inexpensive (compared to other options), no-frills c-shaped total body pillow, this is a good option. CSN is top-notch when it comes to customer service, and the shipping would have been exceptionally fast had the little mix-up not occurred.  I ended up getting the pillow two days after I called to get the issue resolved.