At the beginning of February I won a giveaway on Miskabelly Baby Blog for an amazing selection of products from Six Little Hands, an etsy shop that sells handcrafted bath and body products. My package arrived a few days ago and I’ve had a chance to try everything except the bubble bath. I’m no stranger to handcrafted body products, my mom used to make them and I learned a lot about quality ingredients and essential oils over the years. While I’m not claiming to be an expert, I do know what to look for in handcrafted body products.

First up, the Baby Cheeks Body Butter (Organic version), made with a myriad of luxurious ingredients, including:  unrefined cocoa butter and shea butter,  sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, organic evening primrose oil and several different therapeutic-grade essential oils. All ingredients are organic. According to the description, this body butter was designed for those with eczema. While I don’t have eczema, I do have very dry skin, particularly on my  feet, which are drier than the desert sand. I rubbed a dab of Baby Cheeks Body Butter into my feet over the last two nights, put on a pair of comfy cotton socks and already I notice a difference! When she says a little goes a long way, she isn’t kidding. A scoop about the size of my fingertip is enough to cover my whole foot.

The second awesome product in the box was Jenny’s Lavender Sugar Scrub, made with raw cane sugar, apricot kernel oil, organic lavender essential oil, vanilla extract, Vitamin E.  Lavender is such an awesome essential oil for the skin. It is actually one of the few that can be used “neat,” meaning most people can apply it directly to their skin without an issue, although I always recommend using a carrier oil of some sort because you just never know. But I digress.  I love using sugar scrubs on my hands, which also tend to get dry in the winter. The scrub settles a bit during shipping and while sitting (which is normal) so I do need to stir it a bit before using. Again, a little bit goes a very long way. The sugary texture exfoliates while the oils remain behind to moisturize. When you wash your hands with sugar scrub, only rinse until the sugar itself is gone, do not rinse off all the oils. Pat your hands dry and rub together to really get those oils working.  Jenny’s Lavender Sugar Scrub is a perfect complement to a bedtime ritual with its soothing and calming scent.

The next product that I’ve had a chance to extensively try is a yummy little gem- Morning Mimosa Organic Lip Balm. Holy addictiveness, Batman! Made with all organic ingredients, including beeswax, castor oil, jojoba oil, raw honey and orange essential oil, it’s like getting a burst of fresh-squeezed orange juice delivered directly to your lips, with a pleasant after-taste that I can sense in the back of my mouth. I’ve always been partial to citrus scents. When I was pregnant with my son, I went through countless orange, tangerine and Japanese yuzu products. Not only did it soothe my morning sickness, it helped diminish my hormonal crankiness. I wish this lip balm had been around back then! Morning Mimosa Lip Balm goes on smooth and creates a nourishing feeling. It’s the perfect balm for these dry, cold wintry months.

Also in my prize package: Ella’s Oatmeal Shea Butter Soap and a lavender bubble bath that, according to the artist, is still a work in progress. I’ve only had a chance to use the soap once because I kept forgetting to bring it into the shower, and I haven’t gotten to the bubble bath yet, but it smells fantastic!

I strongly believe in supporting independent sellers, and since my mom stopped making natural skin care products after she broke her leg two years ago (she’s all better now, but she hasn’t had as much time to indulge in her craft), I’m always on the look-out for a new source. I highly recommend checking out Six Little Hands. Thank you again to Miskabelly for the great giveaway, and Six Little Hands for creating such an awesome prize package!