Pace yourself a little, because these adult coloring books made directly from YA books are so fantastic I was having a hard time controling my excitement! I have a soft spot for this style of book and there have been so many good YA books coming out in recent years. I’m excited to see some of them spilling out into my adult coloring book habit, and being made into great movies! Ready for your new epic adult coloring book to unwind with at the end of the day? I’ve got you covered, check out these fun ideas below! Not only have I found some great coloring books I love to use for myself (and you will love too!), these books have made great gifts for that one friend. You’ll know who as soon as you see the book. Ready?

7 Amazingly Creative Adult Coloring Books Based On YA Novels

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The Throne Of Glass Coloring Book

I read most of the Throne of Glass in the past year and enjoyed the series a lot, especially the badass nature of the main character Celaena. So I was super excited to find this Throne Of Glass coloring book! With this book, you can expect super detailed drawings that span past the first book into the entire series. Most of the drawings are scenes though there are a few that are more landscape style pictures. Pages are one sided and don’t worry Celeana fans, you’ll find plenty of images that will have you daydreaming about being an assassin. I recommend using pencils for this book due to the details.

The Harry Potter Coloring Book

Harry Potter fans, you’re about to be excited. You have to see the fantastic pages waiting for you in The Harry Potter Coloring Book. Flipping through this book, the main images are more focused on the movies than on the books. This is a double sided book which does make it harder to frame pictures, but with the images were so cool I couldn’t resist this book. Fans you will enjoy this book to its fullest.

The Unofficial Hunger Games Coloring Book

Fans take note, The Unofficial Hunger Games Coloring Book is the one you want! I took a look at both this unofficial version and the “official” version. This book by far has more character features than the official book. This is one of the smaller books on this list (thirty pages total) but still is packed with lots of fun images to color and designs fans are going to love. Overall, it’s a really cool book.

The Selection Coloring Book

I devoured the series “The Selection.” Something about the mix of “The Hunger Games” and “The Bachelor” had me right from the beginning. Check it out, they made The Selection coloring book. This lovely book separated all of the five stories into chapters, so you can easily flip to your favorite first! They made sure to include plenty of gorgeous images of America (the main character for those who are unfamiliar) set on the backdrop of the palace, but this book also includes many beautiful hand-lettered quotes from the movie to color. I’ll be working on this book to tide me over until they finally announce they are making a movie, I keep hoping!

The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book

Moving along in our list of epic coloring books, this coloring book featuring The Lunar Chronicles is exactly what I was hoping for after reading the first book. Full of cyborgs and sci-fi mixed with a fairytale storyline, the illustrations detail very similarly to what I was imagining as I read the book. The included quotes are thoughtfully placed, and I can’t say enough good things about the beautifully made drawings. Your inner fan is going to love this book, and if you haven’t read this series yet you need to!

The Red Queen Coloring Book

Though I haven’t read The Red Queen yet when I mentioned this The Red Queen coloring book to my friend I could hear the excitement through the phone. The story itself is next on my list to read, but in the meantime this coloring book is gorgeous! According to my friend, this book has all the key moments she loved in the series. (I checked it with her since I hadn’t read it!) Along with being detailed pictures, I was excited to see some gorgeous quote pages which I find really enjoyable to color. The book has forty-six coloring pages and about sixteen of them are gorgeous quotes. This one is a must for fans.

Harry Potter Magical Creatures Coloring Book

I know, I featured a Harry Potter coloring book already but the Harry Potter Magical Creatures Coloring Book also caught my eye! Potter fans, there is a full selection of adult coloring books, so many that I had to make a second d choice! This book is chock full of so many of the amazing dragons, creatures, and beasts you won’t know what page to start on. This book does have several two-page spreads which are more difficult to frame if that’s your end goal, but there is still plenty of great images that you could add to your wall. Great, imaginative book for fans!

Can you possibly pick a favorite adult coloring book from this list? If you can, tell me which one in the comments!

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