Easter egg hunts are pretty much my favorite thing about the holiday…aside from all the chocolate, of course! I used to love taking Jake to every event I could find in town. Now that he’s getting older, he doesn’t really want to go to them anymore, but he still loves doing egg hunts at home on Easter morning. Obviously, since I have an only child, I don’t go super crazy with a million eggs, but I still try to make it entertaining for him. Whether you’re planning a hunt for your one and only or for a huge group, these 23 ideas will help you pull off the perfect event. Check them out!

23 Easter Egg Hunt Goodies for the Perfect Event

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A few tips before we get to the list: I always get a package of plain plastic eggs and one of something that Jake is into that year. This year it will be the emoji eggs on this list. The plain eggs are cheaper by a long shot than the fancier eggs, which is why I only use a few of them. I make sure to put something really cool in them (money, usually, but again, if you’re planning a massive egg hunt, you might want to go with something that won’t cause you to go broke!). Heads up: unless you’re hiding the eggs the same day as the hunt, DO NOT put chocolate in them. Not only will it melt, but I can almost guarantee you that some sort of animal will get into it. The first year I did a hunt, I didn’t think about that and woke up to busted eggs from squirrels getting into them.

You might also want to hide a few special eggs with a “certificate” for a larger prize, especially if you’re hosting a massive event. It does make it a little more exciting. If you’re hosting an event for family, you could make a basket or have a special prize for each child. Choose one color egg, like golden eggs or a set of themed eggs, and tell the kids that they can only get one of those each. That works well if you have a generic prize or basket. Another alternative is to tell each child that there is one super special egg out there with their name on it and challenge them to find it. Again, make the rules clear, no one else can steal another child’s egg.

Ready to check out a few of my favorite Easter Egg Hunt supplies?

These 20 Easter eggs with 20 mini toy figures are perfect for when you don’t want to do a lot of work on your own. They’re already filled with fun LEGO minifigures, always a hit with kids of all ages!

Shopkins fans will love this cute Shopkins Easter Eggs Set, it comes with two toys in each egg. However, it’s a bit on the pricier side if you’re buying a ton of them, so this one is best for smaller egg hunts.


Another great idea for smaller groups, or for special prize eggs are these Play-Doh Spring Eggs Easter Eggs.


Emoji Universe : Emoji Easter Eggs, 24-Pack: This is what I’m thinking of using for our Easter egg hunt this year. My son is all about the emojis right now.

23 Supplies You Need for the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

I love these Musical Egg Maracas Egg Shakers because they can be used long after the egg hunt ends. They’re perfect for preschoolers!

23 Supplies You Need for the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Treat your Pokemon fans to these filled Moddan Pokemon Mini Assorted Figures Toy Eggs.

23 Supplies You Need for the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

These  Jumbo Plastic Printed Bright Easter Eggs are over 3″ tall, making them ideal for toddlers or for when you’re hosting a hunt in the woods and other areas that make the eggs harder to find.



23 Supplies You Need for the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Kangaroos Easter Eggs with Toy Cars Inside are a fun idea for both boys and girls (my niece loves cars!)

23 Supplies You Need for the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Planning a night hunt? Grab these Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs!

23 Supplies You Need for the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Favors for inside the eggs

If you have a little extra time, you can save money buy getting the eggs and fillers separate. Here are a few great filler ideas:

23 Supplies You Need for the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

23 Supplies You Need for the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

No Easter egg hunt is complete without games! Grab this fun Bunny Ears Ring Toss Game for inexpensive silly fun!

23 Supplies You Need for the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Finish out the day with pictures! These Easter Photo Booth Egg Hunt Party Stick Props make it easy to take memorable photos for all the guests!

Of course, you don’t need ALL 23 of these Easter egg hunt supplies to have an amazing party, but a few of them should definitely help! Let me know if you have any other great ideas to make the hunt easier to set up!

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