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If you would like to contact Pretty Opinionated, please email prettyopinionated@ gmail.com.  If you  I welcome all questions, suggestions, and review requests for products that are a good fit with my site. Pretty Opinionated is based in the Poconos, in Northeast PA. If you have a local opportunity or event that you would like me to cover, I’d love to hear more about it.

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Nicole Etolen
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About Pretty Opinionated

Pretty Opinionated is a lifestyle blog for women in general and moms of school-age kids in particular. I cover topics such as great gift ideas for kids (especially boys), fun products to help make mom’s life easier, ways to care for yourself and your family, and tips to make life easier. All of my tips and how-to articles focus on practical tips that anyone can do without having to embark on a journey to find some sort of rare ingredient or spend a fortune and weeks of time changing their entire lifestyle all at once.

About Nicole

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My name is Nicole Etolen, and I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I started out with pen and paper, moved on to a standard typewriter when I was a teenager, to an electric typewriter in my late teens, and finally to a computer in my early 20s. I’ve written horrible short stories that never saw publication (and caused my mom to ask my writing instructor if I was “normal,” as if I’ve EVER been normal!) and pretty rockin’ feature-length articles that appeared in a local magazine.

On a more personal note…

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I’m a mom to an 10 year-old boy, an avid reader and trivia junkie. I love learning, and have started several different degrees, yet never finished one because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to be when I grew up, aside from a writer. As a result of my degree hopping, I have a strong understanding of psychology, basic nursing skills (I went to nursing school and almost finished the LPN program), journalism, communication, and literature. I have zero knowledge of math, however!

Jake is 10 going on 20. To look at him, you’d never guess he was a 3 lb preemie when he was born, would you? When we started Pretty Opinionated, he was all about the toy reviews. Now, he’s growing up so fast. He loves helping me with anything related to technology. He wants every gadget he can get his hands on and intuitively knows how to use them without reading a single manual.

When it comes to reviews, Jacob is a great promoter. He loves going to school and telling his friends all about his latest review item. He’s definitely a blogger’s child. When he sees something he wants on TV, he’ll come down and ask me to pitch for it! Together, we make a pretty good team! I also have three dogs, three cats and two guinea pigs who love assisting in pet reviews.

About Emily


After four years of going it alone, I’m proud to add Emily O’Hara to the Pretty Opinionated team. Emily is a mother of three fun, gorgeous kids, including her darling Violet, pictured above. Her oldest is in first grade and her youngest is still in diapers. She’s an Army wife, avid cook, and recently discovered running to help stay fit. She enjoys the outdoors and sharing her knowledge about greener living with others. Emily is perfect for reviewing goodies for the younger crowd! Of course, she also enjoys anything that makes mom’s life easier too!


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Between me, Jacob, Emily, her family and a veritable cornucopia of pets, we make a pretty diverse team! Together, we bring a fun and unique perspective that goes way beyond just a bullet-point list of features. Our reviews tell a story. Let us tell YOUR story.

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