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General Review Information

Pretty Opinionated loves sharing reviews of fabulous products & services that make life easier or more fun. See below for a list of the types of products we review. First, though, I’d appreciate it if you’d take a look at my basic guidelines.

General Review Guidelines

  • I require a full-size product in order to do a proper review. Review products are not returned. 
  • I am not responsible for shipping costs or any other costs. If you send me a coupon to pick up a review item, it MUST cover the full price of the item. I’m okay with paying applicable sales tax (up to a reasonable amount), as I know coupons can’t cover those.
  • While I don’t have have a specific required minimum dollar value for review items, please respect that writing a review takes time, and that the product is compensation for my time.
  • Current review turnaround time is about one month, unless it is a time-sensitive item. This gives me plenty of time to try out the item and write a great post for you, complete with original photos. If you need the review faster than this, please discuss it with me up front.


What do we review?

Pretty Opinionated has gone through changes over the past four years. When I started, my son was only 5 and toys were at the top of his wish list. Both the site and Jacob have grown up a bit, so obviously focuses have shifted. Since I am personally involved in every review, I want to ensure that you have the best experience possible. That said, we are currently focusing on the following review categories:

  • Home technology & accessories: including computers, cell phone technology, cameras and accessories, and other “gadgets” that a single, work-at-home-mom and her highly connected son would find useful.  I’m always open to reviewing books and accessories that make photography easier. We’re techno-junkies here, so if you have a device that needs reviewing, pitch it to us!
  • Video games & accessories: My son is an avid gamer. We’re currently in the process of defeating the evil Kaos in Skylander’s Trap Team! When we’re not wrapped up in that, he plays Minecraft, Dungeon Defenders, and Call of Duty. He’s always up to reviewing video games in his favorite genres and accessories to make his gaming easier. He currently has the following gaming platforms: Wii, XBOX 360, Android Tablet, Windows 8.1 PC, Android Tablet, iPod Touch 5th Gen and a Windows 8.1 phone.
  • Health & Beauty: I completely adore beauty products, so much so that I’ve spent hours organizing my beauty stash! I love reviewing new makeup, hair styling tools (I desperately need a new hair dryer!) and delightful bath products. I’m also interested in consumer health care products (both natural and modern medicine). As a former nursing student and health writer, I am highly qualified in those areas. I also dabble in fashion, but I’m not exactly Vogue material. I’m a practical single mom writing for other practical moms.
  • For the Home: This category encompasses a wide variety of items, I know. Fun fact: I once wanted to be an interior designer. Alas, I have no actual interior design talent beyond wild Sims homes, but I do love practical home decor! There’s nothing like getting a bright new duvet cover, a comfy chair or a fun piece of art to brighten my day. I lean towards items that do double duty, like a beautiful way to get organized. I also like kitchen gadgets. I get that from my grandmother.
  • Pets:  I have two dogs, three cats and two guinea pigs. I also care for feral cats outside. My fur kids LOVE getting goodies in the mail. Believe me, they know when UPS of FedEx delivers for them!
  • Gourmet goodies & kitchen gadgets: especially coffee and anything that makes getting caffeinated easier! We love trying out tasty new treats. I also love anything that makes it possible for me to cook easier. I’m not exactly going to be a Chopped Champion anytime soon, so anything that keeps me off, say, America’s Worst Cook, would be fab!

This is not an exhaustive list, so if you have something else that you feel is a great fit, let me know. Look around my site, that will give you a good idea if something fits in!


Giveaways are a fantastic way to grab readers’ attention and get them to spend more time exploring your product offerings. If you are providing me with a similar item to review, I will run the giveaway free of charge.

  • Sponsors are responsible for shipping the giveaway prize to the winner. The only exception is in cases where the prize is an electronic one, such as a subscription to a site. In this case, you may either handle fulfillment yourself after I send you the winner’s info, or I can pass along the information regarding how to obtain the prize.
  • All prizes must include free shipping to the winners.
  • Giveaways typically run 10-14 days, and are tweeted and posted on Facebook.
  • Entries typically include sending  the entrant to the sponsor’s website to complete a simple task, such as telling me something they learned or which item they would choose if they won.  Sponsor may request up to four additional tasks as extra entries, such as liking them on Facebook or following on Twitter.
  • Entrants cannot be requested to make a purchase on the sponsor’s website, nor can they be required to leave a comment on Facebook, as this is against Facebook’s rules.
  • Sponsors must fulfill prizes within a reasonable amount of time.


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