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General Review Information

Pretty Opinionated is a PR Friendly Blog. All products and services are tested by me, and when appropriate, my 8 year old son.


General Review Guidelines

  • I require a full-size product in order to do a proper review. Review products are not returned. I am not responsible for shipping costs.
  • I review a wide range of products, including: toys, games, and books that appeal to a grade-school boy; health and beauty supplies; household items such as kitchen gadgets, green cleaning tools, agourmet food, beverages, and snacks; and pet food, toys, and supplies.
  • Due to my advertiser’s restrictions, I cannot review most  “adult” products. Basically, if you can’t open the package in front of your grandmother, I can’t review it. I have absolutely nothing against these products, believe me, I just can’t review them on Pretty Opinionated.
  • There are no fees for reviews, with the exception of apps. I only have capabilities to review Android apps. However, due to the time it takes to fully test an app and write a review, I do charge a $25 fee. Note that you are not buying a positive review, that is against FTC regulations. You are merely compensating me for my time to fully test the app.


Giveaways are a fantastic way to grab readers’ attention and get them to spend more time exploring your product offerings. If you are providing me with a similar item to review, I will run the giveaway free of charge.

  • Sponsors are responsible for shipping the giveaway prize to the winner. The only exception is in cases where the prize is an electronic one, such as a subscription to a site. In this case, you may either handle fulfillment yourself after I send you the winner’s info, or I can pass along the information regarding how to obtain the prize.
  • All prizes must include free shipping to the winners.
  • Giveaways typically run 10-14 days, and are tweeted and posted on Facebook.
  • Entries typically include sending  the entrant to the sponsor’s website to complete a simple task, such as telling me something they learned or which item they would choose if they won.  Sponsor may request up to four additional tasks as extra entries, such as liking them on Facebook or following on Twitter.
  • Entrants cannot be requested to make a purchase on the sponsor’s website, nor can they be required to leave a comment on Facebook, as this is against Facebook’s rules.
  • Sponsors must fulfill prizes within a reasonable amount of time.

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