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Pretty Opinionated loves sharing reviews of fabulous products & services that make life easier or more fun.  Before emailing about your product, please take a moment to make sure it’s a good fit by going over my review, as well as the types of products that we cover!

Interested in working together? Email me at [email protected]

General Review Guidelines

  • You must provide a full-size product for me to review. Review products are not returned. 
  • I am not responsible for shipping costs or any other costs. If you send me a coupon to pick up a review item, it MUST cover the full price of the item (with the exception of sales tax).
  • While I don’t have a specific required minimum dollar value for review items, please respect that writing a review takes time, and that the product is compensation for my time.
  • Current review turnaround time is about one month, unless it is a time-sensitive item. This gives me plenty of time to try out the item and write a great post for you, complete with original photos. If you need the review faster than this, please discuss it with me up front.
  • I reserve the right to combine review items into one thematic post. For example, “gift ideas for moms who like to bake,” or “perfect gifts for first-time moms.”

Types of Products We Review

Review Policy

Pet Products

I have two dogs: a high-energy Pharaoh Hound and a mellow mix. They LOVE getting packages in the mail! I also have three cats and two guinea pigs. They’re always ready to test out new toys, treats, accessories, and high-quality food.

Health & Beauty

I completely adore beauty products, so much so that I’ve spent hours organizing my beauty stash! I love reviewing new makeup, hair styling tools and delightful bath products. I’m also interested in consumer health care products (both natural and modern medicine). As a former nursing student and health writer, I am highly qualified in those areas.
Review Policy
Review Policy

Tech & Video Games

We are a very tech-driven family and love giving new devices a workout, including everything from laptops & computers to home technology. My son is also an avid gamer on the PC & the XBOX One.

Home & Gift Ideas

This category includes pretty much anything that can be given as a gift, including fun & practical stuff for the home. I love sharing great gift ideas and “for the home” accessories. I’ve never met a kitchen gadget that I didn’t like, and I’m passionate about my holiday gift guides.
Review Policy
Review Policy


Unfortunately, I don’t have as much time to read these days as I used to, but I still love sharing fabulous books. While in-depth reviews are limited, I am happy to share a “book feature” or an excerpt. I am open to both traditionally published books and self-published authors.

Gourmet Goodies & Sweet Treats

We love trying out tasty new treats, especially anything chocolate or coffee-related. I also love anything that makes it possible for me to cook easier. I’m not exactly going to be a Chopped Champion anytime soon, so anything that keeps me off, say, America’s Worst Cook, would be fab!
Review Policy

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