Book Review Policy

Promoting literacy is a HUGE passion of mine, and what better way to encourage reading than by promoting fabulous authors or stories? Here’s the thing: as much as I want to review every single on of your books, I’m a single mom trying to “do it all” on her own. Right now, I’m barely finishing a book a month. So as much as I WANT to review all your books, I’m afraid that it would take me months to actually complete it. My new reviewer, Emily, however, does review some children’s books. It’s at her discretion.

Contact me at [email protected]


Here’s the thing: I can’t handle all the book review requests that I get. I can, however, offer you space on my site, you’ll just have to do the work. Free options include:

  • Guest posts– we agree on a topic (or you choose one that fits my themes), you also get to add in your book blurb and buy links, which I then affiliate-link when applicable. This service is free for authors only.
  • Book Feature: You give me everything, including your cover, book blurb, author bio,  an excerpt if desired and the buy links. Make it easy for me to put together. I share it with my readers.
  • Character profile: You write me a fun profile of one of your characters. Maybe interview the character yourself, or write up a bio of the character. Feel free to get creative. Add in the book blurb, cover and buy links to round it out.
  • Book trailers, cover reveals or any other creative ideas you may have: if you have another idea that involves you giving me the majority of what I need to get the post up, I’m all ears.

I’m willing to do some of the work. I’ll also be doing all the promotion for you, and I do promote heavily for my author posts. I want to help get your book out there, I just need you to help me help you until I get another book reviewer on board.

On that note, if you want to review books for Pretty Opinionated, email me at [email protected]


Preferred  Book Genres

  • Urban Fantasy
  • Paranormal Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
  • Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Medical Thrillers (especially those involving infectious diseases)
  • Children’s Books
  • Selected Non-Fiction

Genres I Do Not Review*

  • Westerns
  • Christian Fiction
  • Historical Romance
  • Romance without a strong element of suspense or the paranormal
  • Military Action or Adventure (unless it’s along the lines of James Rollins)
  • Most Biographies and Autobiographies

*However, I will still accept guest posts or do features for all except for Christian books. Sorry, I’m Pagan, so they’re just not a good fit.

What To Expect from a Book Review:

My reviews typically range from 400-1000 words in length. Generally, I prefer to talk about the story within the review by pointing out elements that I particularly enjoyed (i.e.- character development, descriptions, writing style), rather than present a synopsis and follow up with my opinions. I feel that this provides a more comprehensive overview of the book. I do write a very brief “the story revolves around…” in the beginning of the review to familiarize the reader with the overall plot, but the bulk of the information is written into my thoughts. Reviews are posted on Pretty Opinionated first, and then on Amazon, Good Reads, and any other site requested by the author or publisher a few days later.

Current turn-around time is about 2 months. If you need a book review posted by a certain date, let me know and I will work with you. I try to read books in the order they are received, but occasionally it doesn’t work out that way.Sometimes I’m in the mood for a YA paranormal fantasy when a medical thriller is next in line, or vice versa. I’d rather hold off on your book a few extra days than risk not enjoying it because it wasn’t what I was in the mood for.

What to Expect from an Interview:

If the interview goes along with a book, I will tailor the questions towards that book.  I do not ask questions like “where do you get your ideas” because, as a writer myself, I already know the answer, which is some variation of “from thin air, they just kind of appear in my head.” I try to keep the questions to between 6-10, however I am willing to do longer or shorter interviews if requested. For examples, see my interview with Daisy Piper and Derrolyn Anderson.

Contact Information:

If you are interested in having your book featured on Pretty Opinionated, please fill out the form below or email [email protected].