I was fortunate enough to be part of a house party for HEXBUG Nano bugs. For those who haven’t seen them, Hexbugs are robotic creatures that act like real bugs. They’re definitely unique and oddly adorable. I received my bugs on my son’s first day of school (this is an older review, brought over from Pretty Nameless, my original site), perfect timing since he just started Kindergarten and the morning was very rocky—full of tears from both Mommy and Jake. So I thought it would be a great surprise to open the package and start playing with them before party day. I received a bunch of the bugs, the Habitat Set and the Battle Bridge.  The bugs come in cute little test tubes and each one has a code that you can enter online. This allows you to track which bugs you have and also to discover if you found a rare bug. The Habitat consists of several hexagon-shaped walled disks with doors that open and close, and little pieces to connect the disks.

The design of the Hexbug Nano Bug is simple. At first I thought “no way, these are silly! They’ll keep him amused for all of 30 seconds.” I was totally wrong. As simple as they are- little vibrating things that look like the head of a toothbrush– they are incredibly amusing. Jake and I raced them and I swear some are just smarter than others. His bug always won. The bugs were a big hit with kids of all ages. My godson is almost three, and although he needed to be supervised to make sure he didn’t eat the bugs, he loved them. Even my uncle, who is in his 40’s, thought they were really cool.  My son has played with them pretty much every day. The possibilities are endless, and you don’t have to stick with the habitat set. It wouldn’t be difficult to create your own habitat. Maybe a few boxes, some pipes, pretty much anything. Just make sure you contain the little suckers, they’re fast when they’re on the loose!

Aside from the Hexbug Nano Bugs, they also have crabs, ants, and inchworms too. Unfortunately, the other bugs wont work with my habitat, so we’ll probably stick with these for a little while. HEXBUGS provide all the benefits of having an ant farm or bug collection without the ick factor. I highly recommend them.

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