Remember HexBugs? Those little motorized critters that were all the rage about three years ago? Jacob has a ton of them from reviews that we did way back in 2011, when Pretty Opinionated was still a baby site and Jake still played with toys.  Last week, I found a box of them in Jake’s room and decided to turn them on for the cats. Alex went nuts for them! The problem? They kept getting lost under things, vibrating away until the batteries finally died. So I dug out the tracks and set those up to.

As you can see, The Fuzz still manages to take them off the track, but at least they’re more or less contained now. He literally watches them for hours. This cat, I tell you, he makes me so happy! If you have old HexBugs laying around that your kids aren’t using, bring them out for your cats and watch the joy happen.

Have you ever repurposed a child’s toy into a pet toy? Share in the comments, I could use some inspiration! I thin we’re going to bring out the ZhuZhu pets next!